-Kneel on the floor, knees and thighs together and toenails resting on the floor. Extend the toes backward.

  -Rest palms on buttocks so that the fingers point towards the feet. The elbows should point backward and you should feel the sternum bone lifted to the front.

  -Stretch the thighs and curve the spine backwards, extending the ribs.

  -Exhale. Lower the left palm on the left heel and the right palm on the right heel. Try to rest the palms on the soles of your feet. press feet with the palms. Keep your ankles in touch  with the floor. Throw your head back and push the spine towards your thighs, which should be perpendicular to the floor.

  -Contract buttocks and stretch the spine further, keeping the neck stretched back.

  -Remain in this position for half a minute, breathing normally.

  -Release your hands one by one and rest them on the buttocks. Then sit on the floor and relax.

Special Instructions

Initially, if it is difficult to touch the heels, keep knees slightly apart. This gives better movement to the spine and there is no pain in the thighs.


  People with drooping shoulders and hunched backs specially benefit, since the whole spine is stretched back.

  This pose is useful for elderly people and those suffering from spinal injuries.

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