The golden bird

The golden bird

There was a king in Delhi. He was rich. In his garden there was a tree which yielded golden apples. He used to count all the golden apples daily. One day he found that one apple was missing. He wanted to find out, who stole the apple, He had three sons, Rama, Krishna and Govind. Rama told him that he would find out the thief.

That night he sat below the tree for catching the thief. After some time, he slept. Next day they found that one more golden apple was missing. Next night Krishna promised his father that he would catch the thief. That night he also sat below the apple tree. Unfortunately he also slept. Next day they found that one more apple was missing. Next day, it was the turn of Govind. His father told him, “I do not have any faith in you .You are too small.” That day Govind sat below the tree. He did not sleep at all. When it was 12 Clock at night, a golden bird suddenly flew from no where .It picked one apple and flew back. Govind shot an arrow at the bird. The arrow took out a feather of the bird, which fell down. Next day Govind told his father what happened and gave the feather. The feather was made of Gold. The ministers of the king told him, that the feather was very costly. They said, If we can catch the bird and keep it with us, we will be very lucky,” The king wanted the golden bird.

Rama agreed to bring the golden bird for his father and started his journey. When he came out of the town, there was a big forest. A fox with golden tail was seating in front of the forest. When Rama was about to shoot him, the fox told him, “Do not kill me. I will help you to get the golden bird. You go straight in this road. After some time on the road, two big hotels will come. One will be made of gold and the other will be full of dirt. You go and stay in the dirty hotel. Then I will help you.” Rama did not shoot the fox and went along the road. When he saw the two hotels, he felt that because he was a prince, he should not stay in a dirty hotel. He went and stayed in the golden hotel. Then he completely forgot about the golden bird. One month later when Rama did not come, Krishna started the search of the golden bird. He also met the fox with golden tail, which told the same words. He also left the fox and traveled. He also stayed in the golden hotel with Rama. He also forgot all about the golden bird. After one month Govind followed his brothers. But he followed the advice of the fox

Next day morning the fox came to Govind and told him, “You go straight by this road. Then you will come to a big house. This house will have ten watch men. They will all be sleeping. Enter the house. Inside you will find the golden bird in a wooden cage. Another golden cage also will be kept nearby. Bring the golden bird in the wooden cage and do not use the golden cage,” Govind agreed to this and followed the road and found out the house. As the fox had told, ten watchmen were sleeping. He entered the house and found the golden bird. But he felt bad that the golden bird should be in a wooden cage. So he tried to shift the golden bird in to the wooden cage. The bird shrieked and all the watchmen got up and caught hold of Govind. Next day they took him before their master. Their master told Govind, “I will give you the golden bird but you have to bring me the golden horse. “ Govind started blinking and started walking. The fox with the golden tail came before him and told him, “You did not obey me. That is why you are suffering. Now I will help you to get the golden horse. I will show you a road. Walk straight on that road. After some time you will see a silver palace. There would be hundred watchmen guarding the palace. All of them would be sleeping. Enter the silver palace and go to its stables. The golden horse will be there. But it would have a wooden saddle. Use that and come back. Please do not use the golden saddle, which would be kept nearby.” Govind agreed and followed the advice of the fox with golden tail. He came to the silver palace. One hundred watchmen were sleeping. He did not bother about them and went to he stable. When he was about to start, he suddenly removed the wooden saddle and put the golden saddle as he thought a golden horse should have a golden saddle. The horse started making big noise and all watchmen woke up. They caught Govind and took him before their king. After hearing the story of Govind, the king told him, “I will give you the golden horse but you should bring me the golden princess.” Govind agreed and started his search for the golden princess. The fox with the golden tail came again and told, “Govind you are a good boy. But you are not obeying me. This time I will show you a road. If you go straight by that road, a golden palace will come. This will have one thousand watchmen. All of them will be sleeping. You enter the palace and go to the princess’ room. And ask her, “Will you come with me?’ She will come but ask her to wear a cotton dress not the golden dress. Govind obeyed the fox and found the golden princess, She agreed to come with him. . When she was leaving, he felt bad that she was wearing the cotton dress. So he asked her to change to golden dress. Then she started shouting and all the watchmen woke up. They caught hold of Govind and took him before their king. That king after hearing the story of Govind told him, “In front of my house there is a iron mountain. I do not like it. If you remove the Iron Mountain with in seven days, I will give you the golden princes. Other wise, I will kill you.” Govind agreed. For the next 6 days, he could break only a small piece of the mountain. Then the fox again came before him and told, “Govind, you are a good boy. I will help you.” Then it simply waved its tail at the mountain. There was a big storm and the mountain disappeared. The king gave the golden princess to Govind.

Govind, the fox and the princess started towards the silver palace. The fox told Govind, “Tell the king that you will give him the golden princess but before that she should ride with you on the golden horse .He will agree. As soon as both of you are on the horse. Ride fast. Nobody can catch you.” Govind obeyed the fox and got to the big house of the golden bird safely along with the golden princess on a golden horse.” When Govind wanted to give the golden horse and get the golden bird, the fox told him, “Do not do that. Ask them to hand over the golden bird to you, when you both are on the golden horse. Then they will give it to you. As soon as you get the golden bird start riding fast.” Govind obeyed the fox and he got the golden bird also. When they reached near their home, the fox told Govind, “Please cut off my tail.” Govind hesitated a lot. Then he cut the tail of the fox. The fox became a prince. In fact he was the brother of the golden princess. All of them went to Govind’s house and lived forever happily.

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