The Dream Palace

The Dream Palace

Raja Krishnadevrai, once dreamt of a queer palace made of Varicolored stones and hanging in the air. The palace could be lighted at will. This palace appeared to him full of luxury item and opulence of unimaginable charms. And one could get whatever one desired at will. The king was so much impressed by his dream that he made a public declaration early in the morning: “He who is able to create such a palace for the king shall be awarded one lakh gold coins”.

Now, the king’s dream became the talk of the state. All were baffled at the king’s intelligence. Could this dream ever be true? Did the king go insane? But no one had guts to say so before the king would not listen. Many scheming and cunning persons began to fleece the royal treasury by giving false assurance to the king. Seeing such conditions, the senior counsel of the state requested Tenalirama to do something to get the king rid of this absurd obsession. Tenalirama immediately went on a long leave to a distant state.

A few days after, an old man came to the king’s court crying hoarse and complaining. The king tried to pacify him and asked: ” hey you old man! What’s your problem? Tell me and you need not fear as you are in the court of Raja Krishnadevrai. You shall get justice.” I’m looted, O King! You looted the entire saving of my life. I’ve small children to rear up, your Majesty! Now tell me, how should I bring them up. I’ve nothing left,” that old man complained.

“What? Who looted you? You name my employee and I’d have his skin peeled off immediately! Who is that fellow?” “No your Majesty,” said the old man, “I cannot frame a false charge on your men!” “Then what do you mean, asked the king in rage by saying that I’ve looted your entire life’s saving.” “Your Majesty! If you don’t take it as personal assure that you won’t punish me.”

“All right! I assure you”.

Then the old man said: “Your Majesty! I saw in my dream that you came with your entire entourage of ministers and commanders and looted my entire life’s saving-five thousand gold coins!” And saying so, the old man bowed his head. ” You are a fool!” said the king, “How could you deem your dream to be a reality? Dreams are never true!”

“But it is Your Majesty! Whether it show you a varicolored palace hanging in the air or someone looting you. All the dreams are real!”

And before the king could understand the point the old man was driving home, the fellow immediately tore off his beard and hair and in his place appeared no one else but Tenalirama! And the king was amazed. He wanted to say something but Tenalirama said: “Your Majesty! You’ve already assured me that you shall not punish me!”

“All right,” said the king bursting out in laughter and added: “Tenali! You are really very intelligent!”

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