-Remain as natural as you are when standing.

-Keep the feet together, toes and inner heels touching and the arch raised.

-Rest the feet flat on the ground and stretch all toes.

-Heels should not come off the floor and the weight should be exactly in the center of the feet.

-Tighten the knees and pull up the kneecaps. Compress the hips and pull the muscles at the back of the thighs up.

-Keep the spine erect, raise the sternum and expand the chest.

-Keep the stomach in and the neck straight.

-Do not lift the shoulders when you keep the arms by the sides of the body, fingertips extending downwards and palms facing the thighs.

-Stand still for 20 to 30 seconds and breathe normally.

Special Instructions

Most people don’t pay attention to the correct method of standing. Some take the body weight only on one leg or stand with knees bent. Others protrude the abdomen or keep the feet at an angle. These can result in deformities hampering spinal elasticity, which affect the mind.


 Tadasana is useful for an alert body and mind. It induces lightness and agility. If practiced as in the picture here, it also relieves stiffness in shoulders and back and tones ankles and knees.

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