Suspicious deaths of National Level Leaders in Inida!!!

There is no surprise to have suspense in the murder cases. As we have been seeing several suspense thriller movies, we are habituated to go through the suspense. We might have seen several such suspense cases in our local areas too. However, do you think such suspense can happen in National Level leaders? Yes, there are several top level leaders died in mischievous conditions and the authorities kept mum on all these cases.


Leader NameYear of DeathSuspicion
Subhash Chandra BoseNot SureCongress and British?
M.K. Gandhi1948Nehru Behind his death?
Shyam Prasad Mukherji1953Nehru Behind his death?
L.B. Shastry1966Indira Gandhi & Congress?
Deendayal Upadhyaya1968Indira Gandhi?
Rahul Gandhi1989Sonia Gandhi?
Rajiv Dixit2010Congress & Corporates?

Googling each of these will have detailed narration along with concrete proofs, however we are giving a few of the points below for you to read along at one place. You don’t need believe it now it self but you can judge your self by doing your own google research as well as book research and by analyzing the facts.

Subhash Chandra Bose: It is still a suspense on when and where he died. However, Nehru’s text books written by the communist ideologues clearly confirmed that Bose died in a plane crash. How did they confirm? Several stories and witnesses siting Bose were there afterwards. Why government, didn’t enquire? It is also crystal clear that Nehru and allies did an agreement with British to handover Bose. Why ? Similar incidence behind the hanging of Bhagat Singh. Had Gandhiji requested, it would have been stopped. While Gandhi ji is in favor of Ahimsa, why he didn’t request British to stop this Himsa of Bhagat Singh and his friends?

M.K. Gandhi: Gandhi Ji announced that he wanted to dissolve congress just 3day before his assasination.

Dr. Jayalalitha the then TN Chief Minister produced a proof in her state assembly on the same point.


Another Point: Godse shooted only two bullets how come there are 3 bullets? Why there is no postmortem of Gandhi ji was done? When it is a murder for sure, there should be a post mortem but why it was not done?

While the Godse was booked under this murder, why RSS was banned even though he is not an active member of RSS? It also to be noted that Nehru openly shouted against RSS and he wanted to crush the RSS down and close it.

Shyam Prasad Mukherjee: He was an ex Minister in Nehru Cabinet. He left the cabinet and started Bharatiya Jan Sangh Party. He has been fighting for Kashmir to be an integral part of India and is against Article 370 etc.. Why he was arrested for entering in to Kashmir while those who killed several Kashmiri Pandits left roamed free? Next question is, How and why he died in lockup? Why there is no enquiry commission even after his mother requested Nehru to enquire about his death? If his BJS party comes up and grows bigger, it is the Nehru who is going to be effected. And Hence …?

Lal Bahadur Shastry: Can you imagine a prime minister of a country died in another country and body came in with blue color but no enquiry and no post mortem!!! Yes, it happened to the then PM of India LB Shastry. He died in USSR and the government of India didn’t do any enquiry. His death opened doors to Indira Gandhi to become a Prime Minister. After several requests, government has commissioned a one man team to probe in to the issue. But unfortunately, the two possible witnesses including the PA of L.B. Shastry died in an accident immediately after the enquiry commission started its work and hence they announced that it is a natural death.

Deendayal Upadhyaya: Another mysterious death, his body was found beside a railway track and police  conformed that some robbers robbed him and thrown him out of the running train . Was he the only man in that train? No. Then how come no one else was robbed? Moreover, he doesn’t have any big amount of money with him. They opened a case against couple of guys as some one saw those going in to the cabin of Upadhyaya but the case was dissolved as there are no concrete proofs against those two. It happened when Deendayal Upadhyaya became so strong ideologically and there was good ground he created against the central government. It was Indira Gandhi ruling during those days. Later, we can observe the emergency imposed by her when she lost in the next election.

Rahul Gandhi: Everyone knows that LTTE has the main role behind the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. However, few points to be noted, in every political meeting that he had so far, all major leaders used to be with him on the dias. However, why no national leader was with him on the dias? Jayalalitha the ally of Congress at that time is supposed to be on the dias but why she left the dias just a few minutes before? Sonia Gandhi used to be in almost every party meeting of Rajiv Gandhi so far. But why she is not in this meeting?  Why there is no death penalty to those who involved in this case and proved guilty? Why Sonia Gandhi demanded for a release of the Nalini and 6 other convicts? Not only that they took care of Nalini’s daughter’s education in England as well as provided a scholarship to Nalini to perform the education. Infact, Priyanka Gandhi personally visited Nalini in the jail. Why that much sympathy to her?

Rajiv Dixit: A man who is strong enough not only with his speeches but also practicing what he preaches and turned out to be so healthy died of a heart attack?  Which seems to be an absolute non sense to his followers. He created a wave in such a way that the businesses of all corporate companies will come to a stand still. So the only way is to stop him from growing is to kill him. There is also a saying that Baba Ramdev was with him when he died. Also, it is to be noted that Baba Ramdev started his multi million business only after the death of Rajiv Dixit and is now like any other corporate he is selling the products against Rajiv Dixit’s wish starting from Sona Masoori(A Dangerous China Seed) , Refined Oil, Noodles, and many other Un Natural Food Products along with Un Natural Shampoos, Soaps and other beauty products.

Note: We are not writing any thing on our own but is just a consolidation of what is there in the internet and books at one place for you to analyze.

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