Surabhi Mudra

Surabhi Mudra


Place the hands in the Anjali Mudra. Join left hand index finger with the right hand middle finger and vice versa. Join the left hand little finger with the right hand ring finger and vice versa.

According to Ayurveda, by maintaining balance between wind (vata), bile (pitta) and phlegm (kuff), body remains healthy. Imbalance is the source of diseases. Surabhi mudra balances the wind, bile and phlegm.

Time duration:
Hold the Surabhi Mudra for 15 minutes while in meditation.

When the little finger (jala tatva) joins the ring finger (pritvi tatva), pitta dosha is removed. When the middle finger (akasha tatva) joins the index finger (vayu tatva) vata dhosha is removed. When 2 thumbs separated (agni tatva), kapha dosha is removed. In this position, if we bring both thumbs to the base of little fingers, body gets cooled very quickly. This is called Jala Surabhi.

If we bring in the thumbs to the base of middle fingers – Akasha Surabhi, mind becomes peaceful and light.
If we bring in the thumbs to the base of index fingers – Vayu Surabhi, decisiveness increases.

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