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“I reject any religious doctrine that does not appeal to reason and is in conflict with morality.” – Mahatma Gandhi


News – Is India marching ahead?
Indigenous combat copter takes to skies 
Railways brings highest, tallest bridge to Kashmir 
Gujarat has set the finest example of groundwater management 
Permanent commission in IAF for women ahead 
Sanskrit: reviving the language in today’s India 
Vaak, a newspaper that helps brush up ‘practical’ Sanskrit
AP: Village labourer cracks IIT entrance 
India bids to get back lost treasures
India agrees $ 1 bln loan for Sri Lanka 
Infosys Narayana Murthy funds an Indian classics project at Harvard     


News – Matters of concern
Inflation touches double digits
Rs. 2.5 lakh cr tax defaulters’ list has 550 biggies
US scientists ‘hack’ Indian electronic voting machines
Thriving business of cow smuggling to Bangladesh
Arundhati Roy backs Maoists, dares authorities to arrest her 
Islamist leader, LDF-partner Madani’s ‘terror links’ return
Afzal Guru’s hanging won’t be expedited: Home Secretary 
Duped by Indian adoption agency, US family cautions couples 
Netas home in on CM’s quota for the poor 
Rs.5cr. for Nehru, Rajaji books diverted to Sonia Trust 
UK probing misuse of education aid to India          


News – Environment watch
Man on a tree saving mission
A Himachal village converts scarcity to surplus with water harvesting
Organic farming policy announced in Kerala
Commercial buildings must go green in three years’ time
Green ride: Tannery waste to help lay roads
Ban ‘colonial’ leather shoes for school children, demands Maneka Gandhi 
Bid to end artists’ brush with mongoose hair
Nothing is safe, be it air or water 
Parts of Raj, Malwa drinking poison? 
Uranium, metals make Punjab toxic hotspot
Anti-pollution laws only on paper in Punjab
Here, booze comes free with water 
Industiral effluents polluting Gujarat rivers, says forum
Over 60% Orissa mines don’t have clearances 
No ‘normal’ kids in this Punjab belt 
Bhopal: 25 years for justice – even more for a clean-up
Bhopal after 25 years 
Tackling farm pests with ‘havan’ 


News – Food and Health
Carbide + colour + wax = Poison on the plate 
New alarm bells about chemicals and cancer 
Anti-cancer drug from cow urine gets US patent
Mother’s milk helps improve baby’s DNA: Study 
Ginger eases aches and pains: Study
Deep cuts in salt use could save thousands of lives    


News – Religion and Spirituality
‘Starving yogi’ astounds Indian scientists 
Peruvian envoy to undertake research on Adi Sankara 
50,000 weddings in Mumbai on Akshaya Tritiya
TTD makes 1,000 kg gold deal with SBI
Karnataka CM donates Rs. one crore for TN temple works
Vaishno, Amarnath yatra gets costlier 
UK Hindu fighting for open-air cremation
Mary in sari in Indian Bible 
Saudi clerics call for adult breast-feeding                                                                                    


News – Law and Judiciary watch
Seeking a divorce now becomes easier 
SC refuses PIL seeking ban on same-gotra marriage 
SC pulls up ‘blogger’ judge of Karnataka high court 
HC asks Centre, Assam to clarify Citizenship Act 
Communal violence bill reworked
Govt proposes womb banks to legalise surrogacy
Sex abuse panel must in all firms: Draft Bill 
India to adopt US model in tackling domestic violence
AP Human Rights Commission bans ‘lewd’ child shows, HC stays ban
Students can’t be failed upto class VII, rules Madras HC 
NGO, lawyer fight over death row convict Afzal Guru 
8 held guilty for Bhopal tragedy; convicts get 2 years in jail, bailed out
Amendment to existing law suggested to prevent Bhopal like judgement
HCs just stay & forget heinous crime cases
Leaders who appear on illegal hoardings can be prosecuted: HC 
Anti-plagiarism software for all research papers in law: BCI  


News – Foreign affairs watch
Indians the third largest immigrant group in US 
Trinidad elects its first female PM, a Hindu
UK men told not to ‘import’ wives from India, Pak 
Britain bans Indian Islamic preacher Zakir Naik 
India has cultural edge to lead world: Indonesia envoy
India, Lanka sign 7 pacts, discuss resettlement of Tamils 
Pakistan wastes 1/3rd of Indus water it gets, admits Qureshi 
57 Pakistani Hindus convert to Islam ‘under pressure’
Amnesty says 4 million Pakistanis under Taliban rule
Pak’s defence allocation is Rs.675 bn 
Pak N-reactors to increase arsenal 7-fold
Al Qaeda wing earns millions from hostage business: experts
China makes strategic forays into Bangladesh
China seeks Pak help to deal with separatists on border
Prisoners convert to Islam for jail perks in UK 
Kenya court rules Islamic courts are illegal 
US discovers $ 1 trillion Afghan mineral deposits                                                                         


News – Miscellaneous
Remains of another ancient varsity found in Bihar
India to patent yoga asanas
West Bengal rank & file deserting Marxists’ sinking ship
RSS shakhas fight for survival
RSS opposes caste-based census 
UP varsity may be exempt from giving quota to OBCs
Muslims to have quota in Bengal government jobs
Loan Waiver Scheme for Chirstian converts in Kerala                                                                   


Articles – Maoist Menace
Force should be met with force – Swapan Dasgupta 

Maoist Problem: How to handle it effectively? – Gen. V.P. Malik [retd.]

Stop dithering and act with precision – JP Rajkhowa                                                                                                      

No dialogue possible with Naxalites – Tavleen Singh 
No military solutions for Maoism – Swaminathan S Anklesaria Aiyar 
Recognising the Maoist threat – Sudheendra Kulkarni 
Army against Maoists: The inherent risk of dual shame – MG Devasahayam 
Blissfully ignorant politicians – Priyadarsi Dutta 
Missing the woods, the trees – Mani Shankar Aiyar 
Bogus activists must shut up – Meera Mishra 
Many such groups are a Maoist front – KPS Gill 
Activist PUDR Rights groups always condemn war – S. Purkayastha 
Romanticising Naxalites unacceptable – Gautam Wahi 
PM must act on Maoist terror – Ashok K. Mehta 
Foil the diabolic Maoist plan to subvert Indian democracy – Dr. BP Saha 
State must hit back harder – Editorial, The Tribune 
Maoists are finally being smashed – Editorial, The Pioneer                                                            


Editorial Comments
Road to Manipur: Fight the fire, not just the smoke – The Tribune 
Inter-country adoptions: New rules will curb malpractices – The Tribune 
Reinventing Calcutta – The Telegraph 
Financing terrorism: Efforts on to reignite J&K flames – The Pioneer 
Pak will achieve nothing with its anti-India campaign on water – Business Standard                        


Book Review
Review of Fatima Bhutto’s “Songs of Blood and Sword: A Daughter’s Memoir” – M.V. Kamath         


‘No opposition just for sake of it’ – Nitin Gadkari                                                                           


Social Cause meeting pays homage to CRPF Jawans who lost their lives at Dantewada – U. Atreya Sarma 


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