Seed Collection Challenge #SeedCollectionChallenge

Would you like to be part of the Seed Collection Challenge?


What you need to do is just collect the seeds from your daily consumption / kitchen waste.

What you need to do:

Collect the Seed(s).
Clean it with water.
Dry it under sun light / shade for a day. If you don’t have direct sun light, drying it under sun light is also fine. Make sure the complete wetness is gone.
That’s it now store in a container.

Just post your first picture with the seed on our page along with your own pages / statuses as you like so that others will get inspired from the same.

The Challenge:
1. Who will collect the max types of seeds.
2. Who will collect the max number of seeds in each seed type (veggies / fruits/ each type with in)
3. Who will collect the max number of seeds all together

What kind of seeds?
Literally any thing.
Some examples, From Mango Fruit, Watermelon, Flowers(Like Marigold), Dates, Tomatoes, Mirchi, Tulsi etc.
Basically all types of vegetables / fruits / Flowers / herbal plants where you get a seed.

The Benefit:

1. You can plant them later your selves.
2. You can give away to Farmers / Forests.
3. Even 10% of those seeds turns into plants it will be good for the environment.
Instead of going to the Dust Bin you are going to store them.
4. If it is neem kind of seeds, you can choose locations which need a shade or road side / bus stop. (Make sure not under electric lights, keep a little distance to road)

Any further suggestions / editions to make this event are welcome. Feel free to post on our FB Page.


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