Sathya the liar

Sathya the liar

There was a girl caused Sathya in a poor but honest family. One day when her father took Sathya for a walk, The goddess Indu came near them in person. She asked Sathya’s father, ”would you give Sathya to me. I want to bring her up in heaven.”

Sathya’s father was extremely glad and sent Sathya along with goddess Indu The goddess took her to her palace in Vaikunta. She looked after her well. Taught her everything. Gave her everything she wanted but she also punished her when she committed mistakes.

After 14 years, one day the Goddess had to go urgently to earth. She gave Sathya, 14 keys and told her, “These are the keys of 14 rooms. You can go to any room but not to Room no.1. “ Sathya opened all the rooms except Room no.1. Along with her the servants of Goddess Indu also were there. Then Sathya wanted to open Room no.1. All the servants cried and asked her not to open the room. But she was adamant. When she was about to open the room, they all ran away. When she opened the room, Sathya saw in that room, The God of Fire. She immediately closed the room but one of her fingers got golden.

She ran away crying. After some time Goddess Indu came back. She saw that one of the fingers of Sathya has become golden. She asked Sathya, “ Did you enter room No.1” and Sathya replied “No.” The goddess asked once more, “Did you enter Room No.1” and Sathya shouted, “Definitely no.”

The goddess told Sathya, “You have lied to me twice and so you cannot remain in heaven. Not only that, now you will not be able to speak.” Saying like this Goddess Indu, pushed Sathya from heavens. Sathya fell down in a deep forest. She started crying and try to go out. But in spite of all her efforts, she was not able to go out. Times passed. Sathya, eating the fruits and roots in the forest grew up in to a very pretty woman.

King Dharma, who was the king in the near by country, once came for hunting in the forest. He heard the cry of Sathya. His people cleared the forest and saw the very pretty Sathya. King Dharma found out that Sathya was dumb. But he did not mind and married her.

After two more years, One more baby son was born to Sathya. . That night again Goddess Indu came and asked Sathya, “Please tell me the truth. Otherwise I will take your son.” But Sathya was very adamant. She shouted,” I only told the truth. The goddess took her son away. Next day morning, the King Dharma saw that his son has vanished. This made him believe that Queen Sathya was indeed a devil. So he decided to hang Queen Sathya. The queen started crying. No body bothered. At that time, Goddess Indu came again and asked Sathya, “Are you willing the truth now.” Sathya fell at the feet of the Goddess and told, “Goddess Indu, pardon me. I have always been telling a lie to you .I am so sorry that I have been telling lies to you. I had gone and opened Room No.1, during your absence”.

The Goddess became pleased with Sathya and told her, “Good, I only wanted you to tell me the truth and be sad.” Saying this the Goddess returned both babies of Sathya and gave her back her speech.

Queen Sathya and King Dharma lived very happily always telling the truth.

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