Sanskrit Subhashitas 65

65. मूढ

लभेत सिकतासु तैलमपि यत्नत: पीडयन् पिबेच्च मृगतृष्णिकासु सलिलं पिपासार्दित:।
कदाचिदपि पर्यटञ्शशविषाणामासादये- न्न तु प्रतिनिविष्टमूर्खजनचित्तमाराधयेत्॥

One can, perhaps, extract oil by squeezing sand; a man may be able to quench his thirst by drinking water from a mirage; during travel one may even find the horns of a hare; but it is impossible to please a conceited fool.

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