Sanskrit Subhashitas 24

24. लाभ

को लाभो गुणिसंगम: किमसुखं प्राज्ञेतरै: संगति:

का हानि: समयच्युतिर्निपुणता का धर्मतत्त्वे रति:।
क: शूरो विजितेन्द्रिय: प्रियतमा कानुव्रता किं धनं

विद्या किं सुखमप्रवासगमनं राज्यं किमाज्ञाफलम्॥

What is a grain? It is the companionship of the virtuous. What is grief? It is the company of fools. What is loss? It is the dissipation of time. What is prudence? It is devotion to virtue. What is velour? It is the conquest of the senses. Who is the beloved wife? One who is devoted to her husband. What is wealth? It is knowledge. What is happiness? It is to remain settled in one’s own country. What is ruler ship? It is to command obedience.

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