Sanskrit Subhashitas 20

20. सेवाधर्म

मौनान्मूक: प्रवचनपटुर्वातुलो जल्पको वा धृष्ट: पाश्र्वे वसति च तदा दूरतश्चाप्रगल्भ:।
क्षान्त्याभीरुर्यदि न सहते प्रायशो नाभिजात: सेवाधर्म: परमगौनो योगिनामप्यगम्य:॥

The path of service is formidable. It is difficult even for a yogi to follow. If a man in service remains quiet, then he is called dumb. If he is quick-witted, then he is described as loquacious. If he stays close by, then he is taken to be audacious, and if he maintains a distance, then is considered as shy. If he is tolerant, then he is regarded as timid, and if he is unable to bear indignities, then he is known as ill bred.

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