Sanskrit Subhashitas 10

10. विवेक भ्रष्टा

     शिर: शार्वं स्वर्गात्पततिशिरसस्तत् क्षितिधरं

     महीधादुत्तुङ्गादवनिमवनेश्चापि जलधिम्।
     अधोऽधो गङ्गेयं पदमुपगता स्तोकमथवा

     विवेकभ्रष्टानां भवति विनिपात: शतमुख:॥

The Ganges descended from the heavens upon the head of Shiva, and thence, to the mountains. From the high mountains, she flowed down the plains to finally lapse into the sea. Thus, the Ganges kept drifting downwards from one level to another. Similarly, those who have lost their sagacity plunge downwards in a hundred ways. Note : The Ganges became proud that she emerged from Vishnu’s feet, and lost her sense of bearing

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