Rama the good

Rama the good

There was a Great King Called Chandra Sena. He had a very intelligent and sincere servant called Rama. Daily after the king finished his dinner and before he slept, Rama had to take him a dish covered by a golden cloth. Rama did not know what it contained. One day by chance he opened the dish. To his surprise he saw a pink Banana. He split the Banana and ate a small portion .It was very tasty. When he was nearing the King’s room, he heard the pet dog of the king telling the pet cat of the king, “This boy is foolish. If the king knows that he has eaten his Banana he will kill him.” Suddenly Rama understood that he was able to understand the language of animals. He rushed to the kitchen and told the cook, “Sorry I dropped the dish on the way to king’s room. Please give me another dish to carry to the king. The cook readily agreed and thus Rama was saved.

After a few days, the queen lost her diamond ring. She suspected that Rama has taken it. Rama was arrested. When Rama was in the jail, he heard one lizard talking to another, “Today I went to the queen’s room and swallowed some shiny thing.” Rama guessed that it might have been the queen’s ring. He caught hold of the lizard and before the police, he cut it open. Inside the ring was found. The king and Queen were really sorry that they have troubled Rama. They said, “We are sorry. You ask from us anything you want. We will give it.” Rama asked from them a good horse, some money and a sword. They gave it to him willingly

Rama left the city riding on the horse. While riding he saw three fishes which were caught in the net. They were struggling. One of them told the other, “No body understands our pain and sorrow.” Rama immediately got down from the horse and set them free. One of the fishes told him, “ I am the king of the fishes and I will definitely help you later.”

Rama rode further. Suddenly he heard two ants talking with each other. “A big man is riding a horse. He will kill us.” Rama immediately stopped the horse and saved the ants. Then one of the ants told him, “I am the king of the ants and I will definitely help you when time comes.”

Rama still rode further. He saw three baby eagles lying below a tree and their mother bird was crying. The mother was telling the baby, “ If somebody takes you from the ground and put you back in the nest a, all of you will be saved.” Rama heard this and immediately replaced the baby eagles in their nest. Then one of the baby eagles told, “I am the son of the king of eagles. I will definitely help you in proper time.”

After several months Rama reached a big city. There every body was so nice to him .He liked the city and started living there. This city had a very pretty princes. She told the king that she would marry only that man who will pass in her test. If he fails, he should be killed. Many people came and were not able to pass. They all died. Rama wanted to try to marry the princess. So he went to the king and told him, “Sir, I would like to marry the princess.”

The king and princess took Rama near the sea. The princess took her ring and threw in the sea. She told, “You find out my ring and bring to me in a day. Otherwise you would be killed.”

After they let, Rama did not know what to do and started crying. Suddenly one big fish swam and came near him. It told, “Hey Rama, don’t you remember me, I was the king fish, whom you saved, I got the ring that the princess put in the sea for you.” Rama took the ring and returned it to the king. But the princess wanted to test Rama further. She threw 10 bags of rice on a lawn and told him, “Collect back all this rice and put it in the bags, by tomorrow morning.” Rama did not know what to do. He cried a lot and slept. When he woke up next morning, he saw that all the rice has been collected and put back in the ten bags. A big ant came to him and told, “Don’t you remember me. I am the king of ants. Yesterday night I came here with millions of my people and did this job very easily.” Rama thanked the ant and went and told the princess that he has completed this job also.

The princess became very angry. She told Rama, “I am not still not satisfied .Go and bring the golden mango of the city of Paradise within a day.” Rama did not know what to do. City of paradise was very, very far off. And the tree of the golden mango belonged to a Rakshasa. Anyway Rama started walking towards the city of paradise. That night he slept below a tree, crying a lot. In the morning a big eagle, which gave him the golden mango woke him up , and told, “Don’t you remember me. I am now the king of eagles. I yesterday flew to the city of Paradise and got this fruit for you.” Rama thanked the bird and gave the golden mango to the princess.

The princess understood that though poor, Rama was a great man. She married him. Later Rama became the king of that big city and lived happily.

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