Puranic Tambola

Puranic Tambola

A Traditional touch to the Tambola

You might be knowing what is Tambola / Housie / Bingo etc which is a social game with lots of fun. While the fun is good, when you add the puranic information to this fun it adds more value. Keeping that in mind, we have designed this Puranic Tambola. Infact, we have seen a similar Tambola with Freedom fighters in a get together and we extended this Puranic Characters and Places.

It is exactly same as that of the regular Tambola. You just need to replace the following things from your regular Tambola.

  • Replace the Tickets with the Tickets given in this article which contains the Characters / Places from the Puranas.
  • Replace the CUES / COINs with the slips given in this article. Each slip also gives you a brief explanation of the character/place.
  • Replace your regular anchoring with the brief explanation given in the slips (CUE). You can also add your regular fun filled Quiz.
  • Replace the round figure of 100 CUES with traditional 108.

For ex: If you get Angada in the slip, you can ask who is the Son of Vali and encourage the audience to answer. This way it increases the awareness on the Puranic Characters. You can go through our Tambola Generator spreadsheet to go through all the characters/places used so that as an Anchor you can be prepared in advance and speak more on each Character.


  1. Take the Printouts of Puranic Tambola Cues
  2. Cut the 9 sheets in to slips. There is a significant gap between the slips so that you can easily cut. There should be a total of 108slips.
  3. You will need a box to shuffle it.
  4. Take the print out of Puranic Tambola Tickets. There are 300 tickets in our PDF. You can download as many as you want. You can even repeat the same if required to play again and again.
  5. Cut down the sheets into the tickets. There is a significant gap between the tickets so that you can easily cut them with a scale.


You can play the game with the following prizes in this Tambola. We haven’t designed these tickets for Corners. So please excuse us. May be in the next release 🙂

  • Early 5
  • 1st Row
  • 2nd Row
  • 3rd Row
  • 1st Full House
  • 2nd Full House ….. etc..

To be more innovative you can also add the following which will increase the team spirit. You can replace Floor and Block as per your convenience like age group, male, female etc.. depending on your crowd. This is little confusing but please be careful with all rules.

  • Hum Paanch Ek Floor Se ( Get Jaldi Five with 5 People in each floor).
  • Hum Dus Ek Block Se (Usefull when you multiple blocks in your apartments) – Jaldi Ten with Ten people from each block.


Sky and pockets are the only limits to give prizes 🙂


Puranic Tambola Tickets (300 Tickets – 50 A4pages)

Puranic Tambola CUES / Slips ( 108 Slips – 9 Pages )

Spreadsheet with all Characters / Places for Reference Plus Dashboard for Verification

Need Customization?

Feel free to reach us for any customization on this at lokahitam@gmail.com .

If you want your custom data to be added, you just give us the above spreadsheet with what you need.


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–Lokahitam Team.

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