Puranic Tambola Play Online – Ayurveda Theme

#PuranicTambola is part of our #HinduGames initiation.

We hope that you are aware of what is Puranic Tambola. If you do not, please refer to the article below to know in detail. You can even buy it at lokahitam.com

Puranic Tambola

While it is not safe to bring people during the lockdown or post lockdown together to play Puranic Tambola as mentioned in the above article, we are bringing you an option to play it online. You can host this on your own for free without any printing by circulating the eTickets online using Whatsapp or any other chat apps you want to circulate.

Below are the high level steps to play the Ayurveda Theme of Puranic Tambola.

  1. For every individual assign a ticket number and share the link of this page.
  2. Ask the individuals to download their respective tickets from this page.
  3. Schedule a Zoom / Webex / Skype or whatever the mode of conferencing you want to use and send them a link to join the same. (We are eager to list down the proven Swadeshi Video Conferencing apps here. Let us know if you find any such apps)
  4.  Download the spreadsheet to help you draw the Cue without having the physical Cues and also show a dashboard to the people on the entire Game Status. Detailed instructions on how to use the spreadsheet are provided inside the spreadsheet.
  5. Please share this article on Whatsapp , Facebook and wherever you want so that others can be benefited out of this.


Puranic Tambola – Ayurveda Theme


Copy paste the below link in browser URL to download the ticket.

  1. swalp.in/a1
  2. swalp.in/a2
  3. swalp.in/a3
  4. swalp.in/a4
  5. swalp.in/a5
  6. swalp.in/a6
  7. swalp.in/a7
  8. swalp.in/a8
  9. swalp.in/a9
  10. swalp.in/a10
  11. swalp.in/a11
  12. swalp.in/a12
  13. swalp.in/a13
  14. swalp.in/a14
  15. swalp.in/a15
  16. swalp.in/a16
  17. swalp.in/a17
  18. swalp.in/a18
  19. swalp.in/a19
  20. swalp.in/a20
  21. swalp.in/a21
  22. swalp.in/a22
  23. swalp.in/a23
  24. swalp.in/a24
  25. swalp.in/a25
  26. swalp.in/a26
  27. swalp.in/a27
  28. swalp.in/a28
  29. swalp.in/a29
  30. swalp.in/a30
  31. swalp.in/a31
  32. swalp.in/a32
  33. swalp.in/a33
  34. swalp.in/a34
  35. swalp.in/a35
  36. swalp.in/a36
  37. swalp.in/a37
  38. swalp.in/a38
  39. swalp.in/a39
  40. swalp.in/a40

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