Panca-bhuta (Five Elements)

Even an ordinary person of Bharata is well-acquainted with this philosophic conception that the construction of the whole material world including our bodies takes place by a combination of ‘ Earth, Water, Fire, Sky (Space) and Air ‘. In the sequential order of material creation, as per Sankhya Philosophy, on there being a break in the equilibrium of the three guna(s) (properties) of Prakrti, from its first modification called Mahat, there arise the five ‘ subtle elements of physical experience or perceptibility ‘ (Tanmatra), and from these subtle elements arise the five great elements (Mahabhuta) in the sequential order of Space (akasa), Air (vayu), Fire (agni), Water (jala) and Earth 11 (prthivi) from which we find the arising of the universe. These elements too are in a way, subtle (like fundamental particles) and are not the ordinary gross elements like water, fire, etc. that we are familiar with.

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