Panakam is a sweet drink specially made during occasions like Sri Rama Navami or in the summer.

Ingredients (To serve 4 persons)

Jaggery (Powdered) – 1 Cup.
Water – 3 Cups
Lemon – 2 Nos.
Dried ginger (Powdered) – 1 ½ Tsp.
Cardamom (Crushed) – 2 Nos.
Pepper & Salt (Crushed) – ½ Tsp.


Mix the jaggery in water and dissolve it well. Filter the ingredients in a cloth. Add lemon juice, dried ginger powder, Cardamom, Pepper and Salt. Mix this well. Serve chilled. This can be served as a welcome drink to quench the thirst and cool the system in the hot summer months. It is an alternative to Soft Drinks and is good for health.

P.S. Though this drink is an apetite taking too much may not be good and may cause stomache upset.

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