Narada Muni

Narada Muni

Narada Muni is an important character- a divine sage from the Vaisnava tradition, who used to roam in distant worlds or planets (lokas) for collecting news and see the wellbeing of people. He is believed to have got birth from the mind of Brahma, that’s why he is also called Manasputra. One interesting thing about Narad muni is that he used to spread information from one place to another and in this process he sometimes creates misunderstandings between the fellows.

Narad was a great musician, communicator and author too. He wrote ‘Pañcaratra’, a sacred book for Vaishnavs containing the technical and philosophical meanings of the temple Deity worship. The role of devarishi Narad in a number of the Puranic texts like Bhagavata Purana, and Ramayana is well-known.

He is picturised as a sage with a high bun of hairs adorned with flowers, hanging garland around neck and carries a veena. He uses to sing hymns, prayers and mantras devoted to Lord Vishnu. As a traveler he recites Vishnu name as ‘Narayana…Narayana’ or ‘Hari.’ He was the first to practice Natya Yoga.

Other names
One of his name is Triloka sanchaari received because he as a nomad roams around three lokas, namely, Swargaloka (heaven), Mrityuloka (earth, literally: “place of death”) and Patalloka (nether-world) to find out about the life and welfare of people.

He is also known as Kalahapriya as he mischievously causes quarrels amongst Gods (devas), Goddesses and people.

Narad Muni has played an important role in Hindu dharma. He has been the basis of many important and interesting events. He also described many interesting legends and stories. Narad Muni is one of the seven human sons of Lord Brahma. He has been considered to be extremely devoted to Lord Vishnu since he is always seen praising Lord Vishnu.

Narad Muni always tries to establish dharma and karma while reciting Lord Narayana’s name. Narad Muni offered rigorous austeirities and acquired the position of Brahmarishi. According to Hindu mythological texts, he has been considered to be Lord’s heart and mind. Narad Muni has always helped other devotees and has been establishing dharma in this world. He has been the leader of the Vaishnav community. He has been the basis for various events in the Lord’s life.

Scholar Narad Muni
Narad Muni has existed in each one of the yugs. He has immense knowledge. Narad Muni has always been a scholar of knowledge, astrology, grammar, yoga, purana etc. Devas as well as demons always respected him and gained knowledge from him. Lord Krishna himself realized his knowledge and said that he was Narad among the devas. Lord incarnated as Narad Muni in the world to lead everyone to the path of salvation. Narad Muni was Lord’s third incarnation.

Personalty of Narad
According to Puranas, Narad Muni has been considered as intelligent, smart, energetic, devoted, loving, stable, patient, self-less, respected, traveller of all he loks, brahmachari etc. Narad Muni’s personality can be explained in the following words.

He has a veena in his hand and always recites Lord Narayana’s name. He is extremely intelligent and has knowledge regarding puranas, antiques, vedas, upanishads, music, principles etc. He used to solve all doubts and problems and guided everyone to the path of dharma, karma and salvation.

He had knowledge about yoga and was capable of acquiring any news about all the loks. He used to work for the welfare of everyone and was a medium of communication between the devas and demons. He has been considered to be loving. Narad Muni has always been a supporter and the basis for the different events in the Lord’s life.

Scriptures of Narad Muni
Narad Muni has been talked about in various mythological texts. He has been considered to possess immense knowledge. Some of these texts and scriptures are as follows : Narad Panchratra, Narad Mahapurana, Narad’s Bhaktisutra, Narad Parivrajkopnishad, Brahannardiya Uppurana, Nardokta Purana etc. Narad Sanhita talks about different styles and procedures of astrology. This is an evidence to the fact that Narad Muni was not only a scholar of knowledge and devotion but also astrology.

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