• Place your palms on the asan with fingers pointing towards the feet.
  • Sit on the knees and bend the body a little forward.
  • Inhaling place both the elbows on either side of the naval.
  • Touch the forehead on the ground.
  • Putting the entire weight on the elbows stretch the legs. Lift the face in the front and the legs in the rear. These movements should be done carefully.
  • Try to keep the body parallel to the ground.
  • Breath lightly as may be required. Stay in this posture for few seconds.
  • Putting the feet on the ground first return slowly and take rest in Shithilasan. 


This asan is beneficial for the diabetic practitioner. The ribs, lungs and heart are stimulated. It is beneficial for our digestive system. The arms, wrists, stomach and intestines are activated and get strength. The ailments caused by wind, bile and phlegm are cured. Obesity is reduced and appetite is increased by this asan. It regulates and improves the blood circulation

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