Maha Khel


Maha Khel with names from Teerthasthal (Bharat Darshini Game):Download Link

Key for Maha Khel with names from Teerthasthal:Download Link

Maha Khel with names from ITIL (Suitable for corporates): Download Link

Key for Maha Khel with names from ITIL(Suitable for corporates): Download Link

Maha Khel with 108names of Ganesha: Download Link

Note: This may take a lot of time to finish. We suggest you to use that of 51names.

Maha Khel with 51names of Ganesha(for a small crowd): Download Link

Key for Maha Khel with 51NamesDownload Link


This game will be enjoyable if there are at least 20 people.

This can be played easily upto 200 or even more. The more the people the more the enjoyment will be.

Any age group who can read and write can play this game.

Those who can’t walk much can also be involved for a strategic plannig!!

Suggest multiple age group people in each group so that it can be balanced.

Game can have time restrictions or number of the titles restrictions as per the Shikshak choice.

It takes a few minutes to understand the rules but it is worth spending that few moments to understand.

Every one can’t understand this game easily. You may need to explain the rules couple of times.

Once they understand the game for sure they will enjoy after playing.

Rules and Instructions:

This game should involve every team member. The more team members you involve the more the success it will be.
This game needs your searching, coordination between the team members, team spirit, quick action and attention.
1. We will divide all the participants in to teams.
2. Each team will be identified with a coloured badge.
3. First you try to introduce and identify your team members.
4. We have posted several posters around us. Every poster has one title and subtitiles for every team.
5. We give you the first title for your team.
6. Search where is your first title.
7. Once you find your first title, check what is your subtitle in that. That will be your 2nd Title.
8. Write down your first title and start searching for your 2nd title.
9. Repeat the same and write down all the titles.
10. Who ever writes all the titles first they are the winners.

Need Customization?

Feel free to reach us for any customization on this at .

If you want your custom data to be added, you just give us the above spreadsheet with what you need.


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