Loka (Worlds)

We find a mention of many worlds in the Veda(s) which include the lightened (Prakasapurna) divine worlds of gods (the Sura) and the worlds of the demons (the ungodly Asura).

In the Purana’s are mentioned 14 worlds (Lokah), seven of them on and above the earth as:

world on the earth (Bhuh loka or Bhurloka)

12 immediately above it (Bhuvah loka or Bhuvarloka i.e. Antariksa), the world in the sky or outer space

Paradise or heaven (Svah loka or Svarloka i.e. abode of gods, Svargaloka) world of the Sunshine or macrocosm (Maharloka)

the world above that of the Sun (Janaloka)

the world above the fifth one attainable by hard penance (Tapoloka)

the world of Truth (Satyaloka)

and seven of them are the worlds below the earth as :

bottomless world (Atalaloka)

world having a special bottom (Vitalaloka)

world below the second lower world (Sutala)

Rasatala, the divested world (hell) world with a bottomless bottom (Talatala)

the world with too deep a bottom (Mahatala)

the nethermost (lowest) world (Patala)

All these fourteen Lokas (worlds) are called as the 14 bhuvana(s) or are summed up injust three of them as Tribhuvana — the three worlds — the world on Earth, above it and below it. Bhurloka (the world on the earth) is the place to create by one’s own doing (karma) a right to attain anything or every thing in these 14 lokas, that is why it is known as Karmaloka as well. The human birth on Bhurloka is the sole basis for all fruit-bearing (good or bad) Karmas i.e. one’s doings. In the worlds above, go to dwell persons with good deeds and good inclinations and in the lower worlds those with bad deeds and bad intentions.

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