Kasturba Gandhi

Kasturba Gandhi(Apr 11, 1869 – Forever)

She was affectionately knows as “Ba”. She was the daughter of Gokuladas Makharji of Porbunder. She was married to Gandhi at the age of 13. At the time of her marriage, Kasturba was an absolute illiterate. Gandhi taught her how to read and write. When her husband left for London for pursuing further studies, she remained in India for upbringing their newly born son Harilal. Simple and self- effacing she stood devotedly by her great husband in all his trials and tribulations. In the year 1906, Mohandas Gandhi made up his mind to practice Brahmacharya. Like a good wife, Kasturba always stood by the side of her husband, even if she didn’t approve of some of his ideas. Kasturba was very religious minded. She broke the barriers that created caste distinction and lived in ashrams. She always supported her husband in the political protests. She went along with her husband to South Africa in the year 1897.

She was in the thick of the Freedom Movement and went to jail several times. From the period between 1904 and 1914, she was actively involved in the Phoenix Settlement near Durban. In the year 1913, she raised her voice against the inhuman working conditions of Indians in South Africa. Infact, she was imprisoned for three months and that too in the jail, where the prisoners were made to do hard labor. In 1915, she accompanied her husband and supported the Indigo planters. There, she taught women and children about basic concepts like personal hygiene, discipline etc.

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