Kala (Time)

The concept that helps us know the earlier and later order among happenings. That
has an inseparable relation with movement and change. The philosophers of Bharat
(India) have the view about time that it is circular (Cakriya) or recurrent, in
accordance with which the recurrence of the ages or epochs such as Satya yuga, Treta
yuga, Dvapara and Kali yuga continue happening again and again. In this way the
wheel of time indicative of past, present and future goes on repeating itself
beginninglessly and endlessly. The calculation of time in India has been done at a very
large scale from a unit much smaller than that of what is called Nimesa (the time
taken in the blinking of an eye-lid) upto the span of continuation of a whole era (Kalpa)
from its Creation to its End. The four yugas — mentioned above — constitute a
Mahayuga (spanning oyer 43,20,000 years) and 1000 Mahayugas are considered to
make up a Kalpa which, according to the Purana, makes just one day for the Creator
God Brahma and is the span for the one full Era or Epoch of Creation. It is also upheld
that time of total destruction (Pralaya-Kala) has the same span as that of a Creation
(Srsti) after which a new Creation is undertaken by Brahma and this cyclic happening
of the replacement of Pralaya by Srsti and Srsti by Pralaya goes in time forever.

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