The land of Sindh is said to be religiously well fertile as many of God dedicated souls are born in this region along with Sindhi deity Jhulelal. Since the days of Indus valley civilisation land of Sindh is known as the land of Saints, sufis, Darvesh and Fakirs.

All these were impartial about the caste, color and creed and have spread spirituality and heavenly message with equality among the entire human beings. World’s first ever known human civilisation “Mohan-jo-daro” also belongs to historic land of Sindh.

Raja Dahar was the last Hindu king of Sindh was defeated by Mohamed Bin Qasim, during whose rule on Sindh and after this period Islam was spread over the land of sindh under the powers of sword instead of normal way of conviction.

Towards the second half of tenth century kingdom of “Thatta” was acquired by Makrab Khan by killing Shah Sadakat Khan and crowned self as “Mirak Shah”. His courtiers advise him to spread Islam for getting Janat [Haven], following to this suggestion he called the leaders [Mukhi] of Hindus and kept two options of either to become followers of Islam or be ready for untimely death before them and ask for choosing one. This was a hard call for Hindus of the Sindh, as they all were aware that Mirak Shah was hardcore Islam follower.

It was not an easy decision to be taken hence the Panchs [leaders] called all Hindus, thousands were gathered on the bank of river Sindhu and prayed Jal Devata Dariyashah [water God] for safe guarding them from the cruel and undesirable actions of Mirik Shah. History says that this prayer was lost for long forty days and all the Hindus were there with same cloths, without shaving , footwear and they were having bath without oil & soap, as there was a huge gathering so they have to take very simple food. [In the present times this is celebrated as “Chaliho Saheb”]

After forty days a divine voice “Aakashwani” was heard by gathering ” Don’t fear, I will take birth at Nasarpur in the house of Devaki & Tarachand Lohano and will rescue you all”. Hindus asked to Mirik shah for granting time for reaching to decision. As shah was knowing that Hindus were at his mercy and he can kill them at any given moment so he granted time.

Birth & Various Names of Jhulelal
As it was said in Aakashwani, two days before the full moon day [Chandu – in sindhi] of Hindu month Chetra [Chetu] at Nasarpur, a male child was born in the house of Devaki and Tarachand, this new born boy was named as Uday Chand.

In Hindi language word Uday means rise [Suryoday means Sun rise]. In future this boy worked as the rescuer of Hindu Sindhis from the of cruel rule of Mirak Shah like the rising of full moon vanishes darkness hence name Udaychand was justified.

The miracle started from the day one of the birth as when the child opened his mouth parents saw Sindhu river in side the mouth and an old man on Palo [a kind of fish] was floating on the water stream, due to this Jhulelal is also known as Pale waro.

Most of the Hindu, Sindhi people living in the Sindh were of strong faith that this boy is an Avatar [incarnation] who had taken birth for rescuing them and hence is immortal so they used to call him Amarlal.

Uderolal another name of Jhulelal have roots in Sanskrit language as in Sanskrit Udero means one who is near the water or who has sprung from water.

As the boy Jhula [Cradle] in which boy Uday chand rested always kept on swinging hence the name Jhulelal came in existence. Mother Devaki was used to call the boy by name Jhulan with love and affection, but she died soon after the birth of child so the childhood care of boy was taken by step mother.

While going for meeting with Mirak shah Lord Jhulelal used horse for journey so devotee also call him Ghode waro.

Jot (flame) is burning constantly in the temple of Jhulelal hence devotees worship him as Jotan Waro. Aayolal Jhulelal are commonly pronounced words during the worship and Bahrano procession of Lord Jhulelal.

Rescue works of Jhulelal
King Mirak Shah called the Hindus and asked about the decision. As the Hindus, with fulfillment of first part of aakashwani were with confidence and faith about their rescue so they asked for more time. Mirik Shah was aware about the birth of boy but was interested in knowing how a child can rescue Hindus from his trap so he not only granted the time but also asked his minister Ahirio to go to Nasarpur for enquiry and if possible to kill the child.

Here in Nasarpur, Ratamchand has performed all the regular customs like “Munan” [Making the child’s head hairless or removing birth hairs from the head] and in due course of time took Udaychand to Guru Gorakhnath for the Diksha [formal start of education]. Looking at the boy Guru Gorakhnath smiled and said “what can I give to whom from we are getting knowledge” , but for name sack he gave “Alakh Nirajan” as guru mantra to child.

The boy was growing in age and step mother was opinion that Udero must do something for adding to family earning so one day she gave him boiled beans “Chana” for selling in the market. Jhulelal took the Mataki [earthen pot] and came to bank of river Sindhu, where he distributed one half among the gathering and other to river Sindhu. As the evening came people who were doing spiritual talks with Amarlal whole day saw the mataki coming back to bank and was filled with fine quality of rice. Uderolal took the mataki to home and handed over to mother.

The miracle stories spreading about the boy have created a kind of fear in the mind of Mirik Shah, he called his minister Ahirio [who after the visit to Nasarpur was devotee of Jhulelal] and ask for arranging a private meeting with Jhulelal. On persisting force from Moulavis and other advisors, Mirik shah ordered for arrest of Jhulelal during this meeting. A miracle happening started as not only the place got encircled with fire but water also started to flood in the palace. sensing no place for escape Mirik shah prayed Amarlal with words I agree that Hindu & Muslim both are children of one God and nobody should force other for following his religion, I promise to keep my this word for rest of my life but please rescue us. Jhulelal rescued all of them and told


Since that time the tradition of Jot [fire] and Daut [water] is in continuation at Jhulelal temples. Boiled beans Chana and sweet rice Tanhiree become the Prasad and offering to Lal Sain Uderolal.


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