How to stop further attacks on NRIs?

How to stop further attacks on NRIs?

Lack of unity in Indians is the main reason behind various attacks on NRIs.

We have been following the news about recent attacks on Indians in Australia and is worrying about the NRIs future abroad.

This is not the first time, there were several attacks on Indians all over the world including but not limited to US, UK, Australia, Africa, EU countries and several middle east countries.

What could be the main reason behind these attacks and how we can stop future attacks?


Jealous about our rich ness: Wherever we go, Indians do earn and save more. Where as others they just spend whatever they earn resulting they have less money to buy costly gadgets,  Where as Indians do save a lot and are able to buy costly gadgets which shows that they are rich. Even though it may or may not be the reality. Also, most of the Indians know how to get a good deal. So they will be able to buy more for less. This will obviously results in the jealousness in the rest of the community.

Lack of Unity: Indians will never show their unity. Especially, when some body is in trouble no body comes out and helps them. There are some people who feel happy when other Indians are in trouble.

Lack of mingling with other community people: Normally, Indians don’t try to mingle with the local community. Instead they always keep themselves away from the locals. It may be because of the language,accent, cultural gaps or it may be because of any personal reasons including ego and shy. This is another reason why we are socially alienated.

How to stop future attacks?

Let us not do a show put up: Let us not do a show put up on your costly gadgets. Instead, try to look simple and also be in your own limits when you go out.

Attend Regular get togethers: There are so many NRIs who want to attend get togethers but how? It is a big question to every NRI. Well there are several ways. There are several Indian NGOs abroard. You can join any of them, for instance, Art of Living, HSS, Several Language based organisations and several other NGOs. Most of these organisation are there in almost every country where Indian population is more. When you are attending regular gettogethers then you are in touch with other Indians and they are ready to save you in difficult times.

Be fit your self: We never think about either fitness or health. If you are weak , then the scope of attacks are more. If you are strong enough then people will fear to attack you. But how to get stronger? Well there are again several ways, for instance you can follow the Health, Yoga, Pranayama sections in the or do your own exercises etc.. or you can attend an AOL’s camp or you can attend some regular shkhas of HSS. HSS has several shakhas in several countries.  

Mingle with locals: It is always better to be friendly with every body. That is what our puranas also preaching and we Indians believe in Vasudaiva Kutumbikam meaning world is our family. Then what is wrong if you go friendly with them? It doesn’t mean that you need to forget your culture and go behind with their culture instead you keep the Indian culture , try to teach them our culture. When they learn our culture, obviously they will like us. Is it not universal brotherhood? In every culture there will be some good and some bad things. If it is good then learn from them, if it is bad then leave it there it self. For example, several Indian students after going abroad they think that drinking is their culture and they should learn it. Unfortunately, that is not what we need to learn. We need to learn their discipline, we need to learn how they respect others, we need to learn how they respond in case of difficult times. If we list down there will be so many good things to learn. But we only learn drinking , smoking and even drugging. Let us keep the bad habbits aside and learn some thing good and bring back some thing good to India while coming back along with the gifts 🙂

We all pray the paramatma for your safe return to India after you achieve your goals.

These tips can be followed even in India.

Do Good and Be Good. team.
Lokahitam Mamakaraneeyam – Let us do good to the humanity.

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