Hindu Sanghatan Diwas- Coronation of King Shivaji

Hindu Sanghatan Diwas
(Coronation of King Shivaji)

Sangh emphasizes six utsavs (festivals) – Yugadi or Varsha-Pratipada, Hindu Sanghatan Diwas, Guru Poornima, Rakshabandhan, Vijayadashami and Makar Samkranti. All these utsavs, except Hindu Sanghatan Diwas, are celebrated even outside the Sangh. Traditionally, Hindu Sanghatan Diwas is not really an utsav (festival). Naturally, the question arises in mind that, “why did Sangh start a new utsav, while we already have so many utsavs?” This article explains the reason and purpose of this utsav.


Our spiritual root, Bharat, had been under the yoke of the foreign inveders for a long time. For the last 1000 years until 1947, foreign inveders, including British, not only looted Bharat but also tried to destroy her culture. Under foreign rule, people could not even follow their rituals and Dharma.

A few attempts were made by some warriors and kings to defend the country against these inveders. They were even successful to some extent. But, that did not last long. It was a general perception that Bharatiya people were cowards and Bharat was a place where all can throw their dirt. Furthermore, there was not a single successful Hindu king in last 1000 years. But, this situation was changed when Shivaji was born.


Shivaji was a son of a Maratha warrior/chieftain, Shahaji. His parents instilled a pride in him about his country and culture. In his childhood, Shivaji took an oath that he would fight against foreign inveders and establish a Hindu kingdom.

In his lifetime, Shivaji fought many battles. He did not hesitate to put his own life in danger. His warfare strategies, tactics, diplomacy, administration, politics, justice, foresight and judgment were second to none. The most unique thing was that he united all Hindus regardless of their cast and encouraged them to fight against the foreign rule. He gained the trust of the common people. Common people were even ready to die for him.

The secret of Shivaji’s success lay particularly in motivating the people to strive and sacrifice for the establishment of a free Hindu kingdom and not for the sake of any individual king or chieftain. He transformed the idea of personal loyalty to some particular chieftain into one of loyalty to the entire nation and its liberty.

Shivaji did many exceptional things. He introduced new military strategies, new weapons, new type of training to soldiers, building up new resources from scratch, new rules of administration and taxation. His personal heroism was matchless.

Shivaji started from nothing. After a continuous 17 years of efforts, he established an ideal Hindu kingdom and was coronated as a king. His coronation was the most remarkable thing happened in those days. People were extremely happy to see their own kingdom and king after a long time of 1000 years. Sangh celebrates Shivaji’s coronation day as a Hindu Sanghatan Diwas. It means Hindu Unity Day. The choice of this particular day for celebration lies in its inspiring historical significance. This occasion holds up inspiring lessons for the Hindus for their future march.

What is the importance in today’s world?

Now, you may ask, “Ok! We appreciate Shivaji. But why is it so significant today’s world!!?” Today, we see that Hindus have lots of talent and knowledge. As an individual, they are excellent, but they are divided. There is a lack of unity amongst them. Also, there is a perception that Hindus cannot be united. In past, Shivaji changed this perception and brought back glory for Hindus. Today, Hindus are humiliated and dominated just because of lack of unity. Sangh has taken up this task to unite all Hindus and bring back the glory for them. It should be noted that Sangh has chosen Shivaji’s coronation day for celebration, because for Sangh, Shivaji’s coronation day is more significant than his birth day or any other day.

Hindu Dharma is not a closed book. This utsav is a value addition to it.

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