Cow Dung Ash – Benefits and How to DIY.

In Hindu Dharma, the Desi Cow, also known as Gomatha, is considered sacred and is believed to possess the essence of 33 crore Devi and Devathas. While cows are well-known for their dairy products and their importance in agriculture, there is also a lot to be said about the benefits of cow dung cakes and the byproduct, cow dung ash.


How to make Cow Dung Cakes?

  To make cow dung cakes, one should collect the dung in a single place and store it for several days to allow for batch processing. The dung should then be mixed with wate r to create a thick paste, which can be shaped into cakes or patties. These cakes should be left in the sun to dry for several days until they are hard and dry. Once dried, they can be stored in a dry place until needed.







How to burn Cow Dung Cakes

  1. On an open fire: One of the most common ways of burning cow dung cakes is on an open fire. The cow dung cakes are placed directly on the flames or hot coals of the fire and burned until they are completely consumed. Refer to the video at the bottom of this page to see the demonstration of burning it on a gas stove.

  2. In a stove or fireplace: Cow dung cakes can also be burned in a stove or fireplace. The cow dung cakes are placed in the stove or fireplace and burned like any other type of fuel.

  3. With charcoal: Another way to burn cow dung cakes is to mix them with charcoal. This mixture is then burned to provide a longer-lasting and hotter flame than burning the cow dung cakes alone.

  4. In a clay oven: In some cultures, cow dung cakes are used as fuel for traditional clay ovens. The cow dung cakes are placed in the oven and burned to provide heat for cooking.

  5. As incense: Cow dung cakes can also be burned as incense in religious ceremonies. The dried cow dung is mixed with other aromatic materials and burned to produce a fragrant smoke.




Benefits of Burning a Cow Dung Cake

Burning cow dung cakes has several advantages, including acting as a mosquito repellent, increasing the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood cells, killing bacteria and purifying the air, improving eyesight, and boosting the body’s immune system. After burning the cow dung cakes, there is leftover ash that can be used for a variety of purposes.


How to make Cow Dung Cake Ash

It is very simple. After burning the Cow Dung Cake, make the left over in to powder which is called Cow Dung Cake Ash. Make sure you don’t touch it while it is hot. Once it is cooled you can use your hand or a spoon to make it in to powder. You can also filter it using a filter to get soft powder depending on your usage.

Benefits of Cow Dung Ash Powder

Cow dung cake ash can be used as tooth powder, toothpaste, mouthwash, oil pulling, water purifier, bath powders, shampoo, vessel cleaning, compost, and for treating skin problems and injuries. Before use, the ash should be filtered to remove any sharp objects using a tea filter or similar method.

To make tooth powder, one should take some ash and mix it with a few drops of water. The resulting mixture can be applied to the teeth and gums, then massaged into the gums before rinsing the mouth with water. This method can help strengthen gums, reduce tooth decay, whiten teeth, and kill bacteria.

Video on how to burn a Cow Dung Cake


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