Agastya Muni

Agastya Muni

Maharshi Pulastya, one of the ten Maanas sons of Brahmaa Jee: Angiraa, Atri, Bhrigu, Daksh, Kratu, Mareechi, Naarad, Pulah, Pulastya, Vashishth; was married to one of the nine daughters of Kardam Rishi and Devhooti, that was Havirbhoo. Pulastya and Havirbhoo had two sons: Maharshi Agastya and Maharshi Vishravaa. Agastya Muni’s name is Agastya because of his Karm. His wife’s name is Lopaamudraa and her name is mentioned in Lalitaa Sahastra Naamaavalee (Thousand Names of Lalitaa).

Agastya Muni Shattered the Pride of Vindhyaachal Parvat:
Meru Parvat is the highest peak in the world. By its nature it grows day by day and stands the highest. Jealous to this Vindhyaachal Parvat also started rising up to exceed the height of Meru Parvat, thus obstructing the path of the Sun. Day changed to night and the Sun and Moon’s movements became irregular and the Vedic rituals which were tied to their movements also became irregular. Then Devtaa prayed Agastya Muni to do something for this.

Agastya Muni came towards Vindhyaachal Parvat along with his wife and seeing his height said to him – “O king of Parvat Vindhyaachal, We are going towards south, we cannot climb such a height, kindly lower yourself so that we old people can go to the other side.” Vindhyaachal was a great worshipper of saints and Rishi, so he immediately lowered his height up to the ground level so that the old couple did not need to climb at all, they just walked.

Agastya Muni told him to be in the same position because he would soon be returning to north side. Vindhyaachal readily agreed for this. He is lying like that even today, because Agastya Muni never returned to north. Since then everything got in order.

So Aga+stya means subdued mountain. He played an important role in the uplifting of southern region and Dravidian cultures.

Agastya Muni killed Sund:
He killed Maareech’s father and Taadakaa’s husband Sund by giving him Shaap.

Agastya Muni Ate Vaataapi Raakshas:
He once ate Vaataapi Raakshas also to save Tapaswee from these two brothers killing them. There were two great Raakshas, Vaataapi and Ilval. They used to invite Rishi Muni for food in the name of Shraadh. Both brothers had the powers to change their forms at their will. Ilval used to cook food and Vaataapi used to enter Rishi Muni’s stomach with food.

After feeding them Ilaval used to call him – “Vaataapi, come out now.” And Vaataapi used to come out tearing their stomach thus killing them. Once they played this game with Agastya Muni also. Agastya Muni knew all so he decided to end this affair once for all and bring peace among Rishi Muni. He went there on their invitation, but when Vaataapi entered his stomach, he digested him. As usual when Ilval called him to come out, Agastya Muni said – “Now he will never come out. I have eaten him.” Ilval got very sad hearing this.

After this incident Agastya Muni prohibited Braahman to eat meat.

Agastya Muni And King Indradyumn:
Because of Muni Agastya Jee’s Shaap, a Raajaa called Indradyumn of Paandya Vansh in Dravin Desh became an elephant. Once this king left his kingdom and started living like a Tapaswee. One day when he was worshipping Bhagvaan that Agastya Jee saw him worshipping. So he gave him Shaap, “You are behaving like a fool, and not following your Dharm, so you should born as an elephant.” and he became an elephant. He was liberated from that Yoni by Bhagvaan and then was appointed as Bhagvaan’s Paarshad. This story is of Gajendra and Graah (Crocodile) in which the Graah pulled the leg of Gajendra into the deep waters of a pond. And Gaj offered Bhagvaan a lotus flower from that pond. Bhagvaan immediately came and killed Graah and saved the life of Gajendra. And that Gajendra was the king Indradyumn himself.

Agastya Muni and Raajaa Nahush:
Once Raajaa Nahush got the status of Indra. He got very proud of that and considered himself the master of the Heaven. He considered even Indraanee (Indra’s wife) of his own. So he sent a message to Indraanee that he was coming to her place. Indraanee got very upset hearing this, but was helpless. Raajaa Nahush, in his pride, ordered Rishi to carry his Paalakee to Indranee’s palace. A thousand Rishi carried his Paalakee. One of them was Muni Agastya. Since they were not used to this kind of work, they were walking slowly. But Nahush was in hurry to go to Indraanee’s place, so he hit Muni Agastya with his toe and said “Sarp, Sarp” (Sarp means walk fast). As Muni Agastya heard this, he gave him Shaap – “You yourself become Sarp and fall on Earth.” On request Muni said – “When you will catch hold the mightiest man on the Earth, and Yudhishthir will answer all your questions of ethics then you will be released from this Shaap” .

So in Mahaabhaarat times, this python could catch hold Bheem, and when Yudhishthir came in search of his brother, he answered his questions. Then he got released from his Shaap.

Agastya Muni Gives Divine Bows and Arrows to Raam:
He gave bows, arrows and swords to Raam and Lakshman when they visited him in his Aashram while wandering in the forest.

He met Paandav (minus Arjun) also when, during his seventh year of exile, they went on Teerth Yaatraa on the suggestiuon of Naarad.

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