91. The Giant and the Helpless Brahmin

The Giant and the Helpless Brahmin

Once a Brahmin was passing through a jungle to reach another town, when a huge and cruel giant hiding somewhere behind the thick bushes, attacked the Brahmin and jumped upon his shoulders. The giant dangled both his legs in front of the Brahmin and sat comfortably on his shoulders.

The Brahmin began trembling with fear, but he was helpless. He didn’t know what to do. The giant said to the Brahmin, “I’m very fond of human flesh. But before killing and eating you I wish to have a joy ride on your shoulders. So take me where I say.”

The Brahmin had no choice, but to obey the giant. So he kept on walking. While walking the Brahmin noticed that the giant’s feet were extraordinarily small and soft. The Brahmin asked the giant, “I’m very surprised to see that you’re so huge, but your feet are so small and delicate. How is it?”

The giant thought, there was no harm in revealing the secret of his feet to Brahmin since very soon the Brahmin is going to be killed and eaten up by him. So he said, “I never walk on ground with my feet wet. Walking or running on wet feet gives me great pain.”

The Brahmin kept the giants words firmly in his mind and kept on walking. After walking quite a distance they reached on the banks of a river. The giant said to the Brahmin, “Let me down here and you yourself stay here, till I come back, after taking my bath.”

The Brahmin became very happy seeing the giant taking a dive in the river. By the time the giant took another dive in the water, the Brahmin took to his heels and ran away to save his life.

The giant saw the Brahmin running away from the river bank, but he could do nothing to stop him. He was wet all over because he was taking his bath. In this situation, with his feet wet the giant was quite helpless to chase the Brahmin. Thus, the Brahmin escaped from the clutches of the giant and saved his life.

Moral:– It always pays to be alert.

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