72. Dantila the Trader and Gorambha the Sweeper

Dantila the Trader and Gorambha the Sweeper

In a city called Vardhamana, there lived a rich trader by the name of Dantila. He was a prosperous merchant. He kept both the common man and the king very happy. He was respected and loved by all. Even the king respected him and had allowed him free access to the palace.

Dantila had a beautiful daughter. In course of time, her marriage took place. On this occasion, Dantila invited the entire public and the king and his courtiers.

A sweeper in the king’s palace by the name of Gorambha, also attended the marriage – but uninvited. He sat beside the royal family members on a seat which was meant for somebody else. Dantila caught him by his neck and beat him with a stick and told him to leave the place.

The sweeper felt insulted and decided to take revenge on Dantila.

Several days later, one early morning, when the king was not yet wide awake and Gorambha was on duty to sweep the place near the king’s bed, he pretented to be drowsy and said, “This Dantila is a very cunning fellow. He poses as a gentleman, but, in fact, has an affair with the queen.”

When the king heard these words, he got up immediately from his bed and asked Gorambha, “Gorambha, is that true?”

“Master,” said Gorambha, “when I am very much tired, I just mutter in my drowsiness. I. don’t know what I’ve been saying.”

But the king was not satisfied with his answer. He thought, Gorambha was hiding some facts. From that day onwards the king withdrew his favours from Dantila. He was forbidden to enter the palace. Dantila was perplexed. He couldn’t make out as to why the king’s behaviour had changed suddenly.

One day, Dantila and Gorambha came face to face outside the palace. Gorambha laughed sarcastically when he saw Dantila. Dantila quickly realised the reason behind the cold behaviour of the king.

The next day, Dantila invited Gorambha to his house. He gave him a pair of garments and coconut and said, “My dear friend, I’m sorry for my behaviour that day. But you must realise that it was entirely wrong on your part to take a seat, which was reserved for a Brahmin. The Brahmin felt insulted, and that is the reason why I’d to throw you out. Please forgive me.”

Gorambha was happy to receive the gifts. He said to Dantila. “Sir, Let us forget the past. This is my assurance that you will once again enjoy the favours of the king.”

The next day, he went to the palace and started sweeping the floor. After sometime, he again pretended to feel drowsy and when he became sure that the king was lying half awake, he muttered, “The king is very dirty. He eats cucumber in the toilet.”

When the king heard this, he got up and sat straight on his bed and said to Gorambha, “What did you say, you stupid? When did you see me eating c~cumbers in the toilet?”

Gorambha pretended as if he was frightened. “Your Majesty,” he said in a quivering tone, “when I’m overworked, I feel drowsy during the day time. I start muttering in my sleep. I’ve already told you about this. I really don’t know what I was muttering.”

When the king heard this, he was left in a profound thought: “This Gorambha is an idiot. He mutters lies in his sleep. As I’ve never eaten cucumber in the toilet, so in the same way it is quite possible that Dantila too had never had an affair with my queen.”

After having considered this carefully, the king invited Dantila to the palace. He presented him with jewels and clothing and Dantila’s former status was regained.

Moral:– No one is high or low. So we must never insult anyone.

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