71. The Thief and the Sanyasi

The Thief and the Sanyasi 

Once upon a time, there lived a Sanyasi in a Matha. His name was Dev Sharma. He was a learned man. Many people used to visit him for his valuable preachings and advices on important matters. They presented valuables and money to Dev Sharma. After sometime, Dev Sharma became very rich. The wealth he had amassed, became a great source of worry for him. He had to guard his wealth with great care. He always kept the money – bag under his armpit and never parted with it. 

Once a thief whose name was Ashadhbhuti, came to know of Sanyasi’s wealth. He made a plan to steal it. And in order to materialise his plan Ashadhbhuti approached Dev Sharma and expressed his desire to become his disciple. 

“Om Namaha Shivaya”, said Ashadhbhuti. “Gurudev, I’m tired of this worldly pleasure. Please accept me as one of your disciples and teach me the way to attain ‘Moksha’.” 

“My child”, said the Sanyasi, “I’m pleased with your words.” The Sanyasi then performed some rituals to make Ashadhbhuti his disciple. 

Now Ashadhbhuti messaged his Guru’s hands and feet and waited upon him to wangle his affection and favour. But the Sanyasi didn’t seem to fully trust Ashadhbhuti, because he never allowed him to enter the Matha at night. He also never parted with his money – bag. This was disappointing for Ashadhbhuti. But he didn’t give up. 

One day, the Sanyasi was invited to a nearby village to perform ceremony of sacred thread at one of his disciple’s house. 

The Sanyasi took the thief along with him. On the way, they came across a river. There Sanyasi folded his money – bag in his robe and said to his disciple, “Ashadhbhuti, look after this bag very carefully while I take my bath in the river.” 

After sometime, the Sanyasi returned having finished his holy bath. But Ashadhbhuti was not to be found there. Only his robe was lying on the ground. He quickly checked for the money – bag, but there was no money – bag in the robe. He began to cry, “I’ve been robbed”. He swooned and fell on to the ground. 

When he regained his conciousness, he became very sad and returned to his Matha – an unhappy and dejected man. 

Moral:- Wealth may sometimes prove a source of all troubles.

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