5. Death and Lord Indra’s Parrot

Death and Lord Indra’s Parrot

It was a meeting of all the gods in heaven. Lord Indra was also sitting on his thrown. His favourite parrot was perched on one of the arms of the throne. Lord Indra loved his parrot very much.

Soon, thereafter, the arrival of Lord of Death was announced. The next moment, entered the Lord of Death in the conference hall. The Lord of Death cast a glance at the parrot and smiled. Seeing him smiling, the parrot began trembling with fear, as it knew that the smile of Lord of Death must have some meaning and it could not be without reason. Seeing the parrot trembling with fear, the gods requested Lord of Death to spare parrot’s life as it was very dear to Lord Indra.

“I’ve no authority in such matters,” said Lord of Death. “You’ll have to speak to Destiny in this respect.”

So the request to spare the life of parrot was made to Destiny. But Destiny too expressed her inability to take a final decision with respect to the life and death of Lord Indra’s parrot. Destiny said, “I’m afraid, you would have to approach Death, who will pass the final judgement in the matter.”

The matter was, at last, referred to Death. And the moment Death looked at the parrot, it died. The gods became sad.

Lord of Death consoled them. “Death is the final Destiny of every living being. Be it a king or a beggar. There is no escape from this universal truth.”

Moral:- Everyone who takes birth in this world has to die one day.

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