48. The Falcon and the Crow

The Falcon and the Crow 

There lived a big falcon on a high mountain rock. Down in the plains, there lived a black crow in a huge tree. 

One day, the falcon swooped down upon a rabbit on the ground. The falcon caught hold of the rabbit in his talons and flew back to his nest on the mountain rock. 

The black crow saw the falcon do this thrilling feat. He thought to perform the same feat himself. 

‘What a fun it was to watch the falcon pick up the rabbit from the ground! Now I’ll myself do this.’ The crow thought to himself and flew high in the sky. Then, he swooped down with great force upon a rabbit sitting on the ground. But his swoop was not correctly aimed at and instead of catching the rabbit, he dashed against a heavy rock. His neck broke and his head cracked. He died on the spot. 

Moral:- Never intimate others in a foolish manner.

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