45. The Crow and the Monkey

The Crow and the Monkey

Long, long ago, there was a big banyan tree in a dense jungle. In this banyan tree, there lived a crow’s family happily, with its nestlings. They had a beautiful and strong nest on a thick and sturdy branch of the tree. There was also a huge monkey living in the banyan tree. He had no house of his own to live in. Sometimes, he would sleep on one branch and sometimes, on the other.

Once it started raining very heavily. The rain was accompanied with thunder and lightening. Strong cold winds blew. There was not an inch of space left on the ground which was not lashed by the rain. While the crow’s family protected itself from the fury of the rain by taking shelter inside the nest, the monkey could not find any safe place for himself. He began to shiver badly with cold.

The crow seeing the monkey in such a pitiable condition said to him, “Poor fellow. Even though you are stout and healthy, you never built a house for yourself. Look at us. We have a beautiful and strong nest to protect ourselves from the fury of the rain and storm. Why don’t you build a house for yourself, instead of wandering around aimlessly and shifting from one branch to the other in a lazy manner? God has given you two hands; make use of them.”

The monkey, hearing the crow’s words became very annoyed. He said, “You foolish black crow, how dare you advise me, and teach me the do’s and don’ts of my life. You have lost your sense of etiquettes. I must teach you, how to behave with seniors.” Saying so, the monkey tore off a branch from the tree and began to beat at the crow’s nest. Soon the nest was broken into pieces. The nestlings fell down upon the rain soaked ground and died. The crows somehow flew away and took shelter on some other branch. They wept bitterly over their young ones’ death. They had no time even to repent for their good intentioned advice given to the monkey.

Moral:- It’s better not to advise others in their personal matters.

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