35. The Bear and Golu and Molu

The Bear and Golu and Molu 

Golu and Molu were fast friends. Golu was a lean and thin boy, whereas Molu was fat. People, in the village laughed at this combination. For a major period of the day, they would be seen together. Everyone admired their friendship. Once, they got an invitation from one of their friends, who had invited them to attend his sister’s marriage. The marriage was to take place in a nearby village.

But in order to reach the village, one had to pass through a forest, which was full of wild animals like tigers and bears etc.

While walking through the forest, Golu and Molu saw a bear coming towards them. Both of them got frightened. Golu who was lean and skinny, ran towards a big tree and climbed on it. Poor Molu being fat could not run fast and climb up the tree. But he showed his presence of mind. He had heard that bears did not eat dead bodies. So he lay down still on the ground and held his breath for a while, feighning himself dead. The bear came near Molu growling. He sniffed at his face and body. He took Molu to be a dead body and went away.

When the bear had gone away, Golu climbed down the tree. He went to Molu and asked, I saw the bear talking to you. What did he say to you, my friend?”

“Don’t call me a friend”, said Molu. “And that is what the bear also told me. He had said to me, ‘Don’t trust Golu. He is not your friend.”

Golu was very ashamed. He felt sorry to have left his friend alone when in danger. Thus, their friendship ended for ever.

Moral:– A friend in need is a friend indeed.

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