24. The Cunning Judge

The Cunning Judge

Once Upon a time, there lived a sparrow in a tree. He was very happy to have a beautiful and comfortable nest of his own in the tree. The sparrow used to fly to far off places to pick at grains from so many fields, full of crops. At the sun set he would return to his perch.

One day, the sparrow ate his fill, but could not return to his nest, because of the heavy rains which continued for the whole night. The sparrow had to spend the whole night in a big banyan tree a little distance away from home.

The next morning, when the rain stopped and the sky became clear, the sparrow returned to his tree. He was astonished to find a rabbit occupying his beautiful and comfortable nest.

The sparrow lost his temper and spoke to the rabbit, “It’s my home you’re sitting in. Please quit this place at once.”

“Don’t talk like fools,” replied the rabbit. “Trees, rivers and lakes don’t belong to anyone. Places like these are yours only so long as you are living in. If someone else occupies it in your absence, it belongs to the new occupant. So go away and don’t disturb me anymore.”

But the sparrow was not satisfied with this illogical reply He said, “Let’s ask a person of wisdom and only then our case will be settled.

At a distance from the tree, there lived a wild cat. The cat, somehow, overheard the discussion that took place between the sparrow and the rabbit.

The cat immediately thought of a plan, took a holy dip in the river, and then sat like a priest and began chanting god’s name in a loud tone. When the rabbit and the sparrow heard the cat chanting god’s name, they approached him with a hope to get impartial justice and requested him to pass a judgement in the matter.

The cat became very happy to have both of them in front of him. He pretended to listen to their arguments. But as soon as the right opportunity came, the cat pounced upon both of them and killed and ate them together with great relish.

Moral:- Tussle over triffle matters may sometimes lead to a certain disaster.

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