04 Jan 2019 Mini News

Shubhodayayam 2019 🇮🇳
Swach Bharat

  • Two neighbours and myself investing in Solar grid power for environment, community
    **Government/Law/Agriculture ** 🌱
  • SC order – Livving Partner if refused to marry and sex with consent then it’s not to be considered rape
  • Army to get 1000 major general by promoting many to help Army operations
  • SC to give hearing on Ayodhya
  • NHM to facilitate 24 hours medical assistance/ treatment at Kumbh
  • Rajastan government increase pension for old aged
  • Government planning to bring in law against child pornography.. sites and mobile apps having child pornography might be charged upto Rs 15 crore
  • 10 major projects to be inaugurated in Manipur
    Sports complex,, godowns for logistics making Manipur a hub in agriculture and electricity, integrated checkpost as part of ASEAN connectivity to Mayanmar etc… Find yourself what other projects
  • PM tells students at 106th science cong6 slogan JAI Vigyan JAI Anusandhan with innovative youth to spear head needs of New India especially in field of agriculture
  • Construction of Kartarpur corridor to start soon or later
    Banking/ insurance
  • Complete your KYC as early as possible to avoid block of banking facilities
  • Private bank in UP – Kanpur gave aluminium instead of gold to people in gold loan. This came out when scam by bank workers surfaced.
  • RBI to cut down on Rs 2000 availability
  • IOC offering free petrol worth Rs 25000 with conditions . IOC conducting contest starting today till day after tomorrow.. Even upto Rs 5 lac fuel voucher available .. check out IOC tweet details in screen shot I share after news
  • *Railways/Airways
  • Train 18 to run in Delhi – Varanasi route
  • Railways ticket booking might become interactive like Flight, Bus, theatre booking
  • Go air offerering flight for Rs 1199. Find details yourself
  • Spiritual
    Try Kaleshwar Mudra helps remove addiction? Find if tru6
  • Xioami tolaunch Mi pop air purifier mask
  • Vivo offering smart phone at Rs 101 + 6 months mei 🤣,, ? Find out
  • Artificial intelligence to replace singers
    For any update and services related to Adhaar you might be charged Rs 100 depending on the service.. Find details International
  • 6th Jan first solar ecllipse


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