Urdhva Mukha Svanasana

Urdhva Mukha Svanasana


 -Lie flat on your stomach.

 -Keep both feet a foot apart, toes pointing backward. Keep elbows raised. Place palms on the floor by the sides of the waist, the fingers pointing to the front.

 -Inhale. Raise the head and trunk and let the palms bear your body weight. Stretch the arms completely and push the head and trunk as far back as possible, lifting knees off the floor.

 -Keep legs straight. Tighten the knees without resting them on the floor. The weight of your body should rest on the palms and toes.

 -While contracting buttocks, stretch the spine, thighs and calves to their full extent. Push the chest forward, stretch your neck and throw the head as far back as possible.

 -Stay in this pose for about a minute, breathing deeply.

 -Exhale. Bend elbows and rest your thighs and knees on the floor. Lower the head and the trunk and lie flat.


This asana  rejuvenates the spine and is specially recommended for people suffering from a stiff back.

It is also good for people with lumbago, sciatica, slipped and prolapsed discs.

The lungs gain elasticity due to chest expansion.

Blood circulates in the pelvic region, keeping it healthy.

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