The Red Handed Thieves

The Red Handed Thieves

Once the prominent businessman reached Raja Krishnadevrai’s court and cried loudly: “Your Majesty! I’m ruined. The thieves have looted me. They did not leave anything in my safe. I’ve not even a coin now!”

The king had the inquiry done. The chief of the police informed him that the inquiry was being conducted but still they were unable to trace the thieves. “Make all efforts to nab the thieves as soon as possible,” the king ordered.

But despite the strict security arrangements the theft cases continued to grow. Every night the thieves used to commit thefts merrily without leaving any clue. When the situation became alarming, the king grew worried. Then he consulted Tenalirama and a scheme was secretly thought off. Prior to consulting Tenali, the king contacted his every courtier but all said that only Tenalirama could solve the case.

Tenali then contacted the richest jeweler of the state and asked him to have an exhibition of all the costly jewels and ornaments he had.

The exhibition was a grand success. Many persons attended display of the gems, jewels and precious things.

When the exhibition ended all those precious items were put in a bag and kept in an iron safe under lock and key.

But that night also the theft was committed in the jeweler’s house. Hearing the commotion the jeweler raised much hue and cry. At that time the king had also reached there. And by the king’s order, Tenalirama asked the soldiers to search all the persons in the locality, and added: “Nab the persons who have their clothes or hands colored red!”

And soon the thieves were caught. On being asked, Tenali disclosed his scheme: “I knew that the thieves would attack and break open the iron safe. So I had the handle of the safe and its body colored deep red. Since the color was not fully dry, the thieves had to have their hands and clothes colored.”

“But you could’ve told us for providing better security arrangements in and around the jeweler’s house,” said the police chief. “In that case the thieves wouldn’t have come there and the mysterious thefts committed earlier would have remained unresolved, because the thieves had their informers in the police ranks also. That’s why they could commit the earlier thefts” replied Tenalirama and again proved his master intelligence.

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