The Greatest Fool

The Greatest Fool

Raja Krishnadevarai used to celebrate Holi festival with great pomp and show which included the selection of the ‘greatest fool’ of the kingdom. In the joyous atmosphere of Holi festival many cultural and humorous items were part of celebration. The king announced the Greatest fool award. It was very valuable award and people used to act in the most funny manner to deserve this award and the title. But it was Tenaliram who decides cornering all the intelligence and wit awards, used to bag away this award also. The other courtiers used to get irritated with this. They were always on the look out to score a point over Tenali but Tenali never allowed them to do so.

Once when the festival of Holi came closer, the jealous courtiers decided to prevent Tenaliram frm attending the function. They bought over Tenaliram’s pet servant and made that servant give an ample dose of Bhang to Tenaliram. Due to which Tenali got up in late noon. He dressed up and reached the venue of the function.

As Tenali entered the pandal (tent), the king spotted him and blow up in anger: “Hey you fool Tenali! How could you forget the time of the function? Were you down with drugged sleep to act such foolishly?”

All the courtiers were glad to see Tenaliram being slighted and abused by the king. But Tenaliram was unaffected and he said: “You are right, Your Majesty! I’m not only a fool but the greatest fool!”

“Yes Tenali! You’re really the greatest fool” the king roared in rage. “Thanks a lot, Your Highness”, replied a beaming Tenali: “Now you have yourself announced me as the greatest fool. Please give the award also!”

All the courtiers were confused. Even the king couldn’t help uttering “Tenali! You are really very intelligent. You have a flair of converting your shortcoming in to your strength by your superior logic!” and the king had to award Tenaliram that year also with the award of ” The Greatest Fool.”

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