GLN Murthy

Whats happening in India in the name of secularism is shameful and condemnable by all the civilized society-

  • Indian politicians are ready to arrange Flight tickets on free of cost to Mecca for Muslims and Free of cost tickets to Jerusalem for Christians but they increase the RTC  Bus fairs when Hindus try to go to their homes during Hindus festivals without any sops to their piligrimages.. ………
  • iN iNDIA even Hindus are majority .they need to fight to get a piece of land for their temples but there will be no questions for the land allocations made for Islamist Mosques and Christian Churches-
  • In India Taslima Nasreen will be made to move out from the country but MF Hussain is respected due to his bigotry on Hinduism……..
  • In India Muslims can have five wives but Hindus can not have more wifes unless Divorce is applied in court………single country but two laws for Hindus and muslims………
  • In India a christian missionary funds are not taxed and not counted but Hindu service agencies are questioned and tortured till they stop the service activities-
  • In India If a Muslim or christian religious sentiments are attacked all the politicians voice on the religious freedom…etc but when it comes to Hindus they say fundamentalism………..
  • In India no one question on the proof for the birth of Jesus to virgin Mary and the Proof for origin of Quaran but they ask proof for Ramsetu……………….
  • Varun Gandhi was kept behind bars due to his comments made against Jihadi terrorists …made him scapegoat by projecting his comments as against Muslims but D Srinivas ,Lau Yadav inspite of their comments favouring Minorities they are not kept behind bars—we don’t have right to talk..talibanization in the land of Hindus….
  • In India Hindus became third class citizens inspite of their majority all this is due to caste divisions encouraged for the benefit of politicins …

O!!!! Intellectual Leader…. Awake and stop all this nonsense in the name of secularism………….


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