Sanskrit Subhashitas 95

95. विधिवैपरीत्य

आखु: कैलासशैलं तुलयति करटस्ताक्ष्र्यमांसाभिलाक्षी

बभ्रुर्लाङ्गूलं चलयति चपलस्तक्षकाहि जिघांसु:।
भेक: पारं यियासुर्भुजगमपि महाधस्मरस्याम्बुराशे:

प्रायेणासन्नपात: स्मरति समुचितं कर्म न क्षुद्रकर्मा॥

A rat attempts to life the Kailasa mountain; a crow desires to eat the flesh of the king of birds, Garuda; an inchneumon foolishly shakes the top of the tail of the mighty serpent Taksaka, with a view to killing him; a frog desires to cross the ocean, the great devourer, with the help of a serpent; thus mostly, when adversity is at hand, a creature of low stature remembers not what is proper to do in various situations.

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