Rama-the gullible farmer

Rama-the gullible farmer

Rama was a poor farmer in a Tamil Nadu village. Once he sold some firewood and got Rs. 50/- When he was coming back home it became night, clouds gathered and frogs in a well started shouting, Croak, croak.” Rama was puzzled. He went near the well and told, “I did not get a crore of rupees. I only got Rs.50/-“

But the frogs were still shouting “Croak, Croak.” Then Rama counted his cash just in front of the well and told, “Hey, I just counted my money in front of you. It is only fifty rupees. Do you understand?” But the frogs continued to shout “Croak, Croak.” Rama as disgusted. He put the money in the well and told the frogs, “I have now given the money to you. You please count yourselves and tell me how much it is.” Still the frogs shouted, Croak, Croak”. Rama cursed the frogs and returned home

After a few days, Rama’s wife made some sweets and she wanted him to sell it in the nearest town. When Rama went near the sweet shop, he was surrounded by several dogs, who were barking, “Bow, Bow.” Rama told them, “My wife has prepared these sweets. I want to sell them. I cannot give it free to you.” But still the dogs, barked, “Bow, bow.” .Then Rama could identify one dog as belonging to the shop owner. He told that dog, “OK, I will give the sweets to you. But you should give money after three days.” He then gave all the sweets to that dog and returned home. The Dogs were barking, “Bow, bow,” After three days, he went to the shop and asked the owner, “Three days back. I gave sweets to your dog. Please give me the money for it. The shop owner laughed loudly. Then Rama told that dog asked me for the sweets. The shop owner got angry and drove Rama out.

Rama was very upset and he went to meet the king. The king asked Rama,” What is your complaint?” Then Rama told him how he gave money to the frogs and how he gave sweets to the dog. He told the king, “Please ask the frogs to return my money and the sweet shop owner my sweets.”

Hearing this the princess who was sitting near the king laughed loudly. This princess had never laughed since her birth. So the king was very pleased with Rama and told, “My daughter is very happy. You can marry her.”

Rama said, “King, I already have a wife so I do not want the princess.” The king did not like Rama’s reply and told, “You are an Idiot, you come after three days. I will give you five hundred.” Rama was very happy with this and was returning home

The sweet shop owner who heard all this thought that the king will give 500 gold coins and told Rama, “When the king gives you 500, give me 250. Now I will give you 500 rupees.” Rama was ver glad and took the 500 rupees. The watchman of the palace, who heard their conversation, told Rama, “You give me the rest 250 and I will also give you five hundred rupees.” Rama agreed and took the money from him also.

After three days, Rama went to the king along with the owner of the sweet shop and the watchman. As soon as the king saw Rama, he called his police inspector and asked him to give 500 beatings, The king said, “Let me see whether he will improve?”

Then Rama told him, “Sir we have an agreement, you have to give 250 to this shop owner and 250 to this watch man. For I have already sold your present of 500 to them.” The king laughed loud and asked the police to give beatings to the watchman and the shop owner. Rama went in peace to his house.

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