Horse Play

Horse Play

One day, Tenaliram and the king, Raja Krishnadevrai went for the morning ride on their horses. Tenali’s horse was very weak and gaunt while the king’s horse was a steed of high lineage. King gave a strange look at Tenali’s horse and said: “What a useless weak horse you have! Even the butcher will say no for this worthless animal! And look at my Arabian horse, it is at least worth a thousand gold coin!”

“But what my horse can do, yours can’t”, said Tenali with confidence.

“What?” said the King mocking at Tenaliram, “What can your silly horse do- nothing.” “No sir, It can achieve a feat your horse cannot, despite it being of such a steed and you as its rider!”

“Spell the condition! My horse can do everything”, said the King.

At that time they were crossing the river Tungbhadra. The river was swollen and water was flowing at very fast speed. Suddenly Tenaliram got down from his horse and pushed him into the mighty river. And said with gloomy face: “Can your horse do it?”

Of course the king couldn’t let go his steed like it. The king had to admit that Tenaliram’s horse was superior!!

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