Dust Bin Cover using old News Paper

Dust Bin Covers Using old News Papers

Everybody knows that Plastic is harmful to environment. But what is the alternative? Our Lokahitam.com team also started thinking about this and came up with this idea of Dust Bin Cover for your Dust Bins.

We have been using these covers practically and now suggest the readers to use the same. Following steps explains how to make a Dust Bin Cover on your own.

Note: A Video Explanation is also available at the bottom of this article.


1. Take a Big Size News Paper. (You can take any size depending on your requirement)

2. Take a Stapler. (Ofcourse with staples inside 🙂 )

3. Fold the news paper in to half. Now, one side of the news paper is already joined naturally. 

4. Now staple the opposite side of the Naturally joined side leaving an inch to fold.

5. Now fold about an inch as shown below. (This will be the bottom of the cover).

6. Now staple on this fold.

7. Your News Paper Bag is ready to use.


This bag can weight up to 0.5 Kg to 1Kg. So this can be used as a Bin it self without a Plastic Bin also.


  • Not that great look (But serves the purpose).
  • If you keep liquids the paper may get wet. Still as it is inside a dust bin doesn’t harm. But take care while discarding it off.
  • If the weight in the dust bin is heavy, this cover may get teared while discarding. Just being a bit careful with a hand / a plate at the bottom will solve the problem.
  • Suitable for small and medium size Dust Bins only. Not suitable for Big and Jumbo Size Dust Bin.

Video Explanation:

Actions for you:

1. Start preparing a Dust Bin Cover your self.

2. Forward this to all your friends and colleagues and ask them to use the same.

— Lokahitam Team.



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