Dhruva was the one who had engaged in performing penance at that holy shrine. It was believed that the purifier of all sin where Mahadeva and the god of Gods meditated upon Hari. The legend says that Dhruva began to contemplate Vishnu the sovereign of the gods, seated in him. Dhruva thus contemplating him, having his mind perfectly withdrawn from all other thoughts the Great Hari, ever existing in all creatures and natures, took possession of his heart.

Vishnu Purana states that Lord Vishnu thus occupying the heart of that one engaged in his meditation, the earth, the supporter of elemental life, could not sustain his height. When Dhruva used to stand upon his left foot for praying one-half of the earth bent beneath him and when he used to stand upon his right foot the other half of the earth sank down. And when Dhruva used to stand touching the earth with his toes, the whole earth shook with its mountains and rivers. As a result rivers and seas were greatly agitated thereby and even the celestials called Yamas being greatly alarmed. They in consultation with Indra began to concert measures for interrupting the devout exercises of Dhruva.

According to the Vishnu Purana the Kushmandas in company with Indra, assuming, various shapes actively engaged in obstructing the meditation of Dhruva.

One assuming, by virtue of illusion, the shape of his mother Suniti, stood before him, with tears in his eyes desisted from performing penance on the grounds that it was destroying his health. Even Suniti said that if Dhruva did not stop his penance right at that moment she will not hesitate to sacrifice her life in front of him. But interestingly Dhruva being wholly intent upon seeing Vishnu did not behold his mother weeping.

In several other ways attempts were made to keep away Dhruva from the austere penance. For instance sharp weapons were tossed at him and jackals with fire in their mouths were turned towards him so that he is afraid and stops walking in the path of penance. Not only that but also several attempts were directed to take away the life of Dhruva. Goblins having faces of lions, camels, and crocodiles, howled in order to strike terror into the heart of the prince. All these illusions of rakshasas and jackals, their cries and weapons made no impression upon his senses whose mind was completely given up to the meditation of Govinda.

Vishnu Purana narrates that the son of the lord of earth, entirely taken up by one idea, only could behold Lord Vishnu only seated in him and saw no other object. All these illusions being thus baffled the celestials were greatly disturbed. Being terrified at this discomfiture and afflicted by the devout austerities of the boy the celestials assembled and repaired in a body for help to Hari, who is the creator of the universe, and has neither any beginning nor an end. The legend goes that Lord Vishnu had said Dhruva`s mind was not bent on to the throne of Indra, or to the sovereignty of the solar orb or the deep, or to the rank of the lord of riches. Rather his mind was wholly engrossed with devout meditation. Finally being pleased with the meditation of Dhruva, Lord Vishnu had appeared in front of the young boy and had assured that the lord would grant all blessings to the young boy.

When Dhruva beheld with the conch, the discus, the mace, the bow and the scimitar in hand and crowned with a diadem, he bowed his head down to the earth. Dhruva was greatly perplexed with anxiety and then at last had recourse to that deity.

On seeing the Almighty Dhruva bowed in salutation and praised the lord for being the master of the earth, the universe and everything else that is present on the earth. He said that it was from the lord from whom the entire universe had been derived.

Vishnu Purana states that being pleased with the salutation and dedication of Dhruva, Lord Vishnu wanted to bless him with a boon. At this Dhruva said that he an exalted station, which surpasses all others, which is the support of the universe and shall last for ever. Hearing this lord had said that an individual who worships the lord, obtains in no time, liberation from life. The lord agreed to grant Dhruva a position which is above the three worlds and made him a star which would have a permanent stay in the sky. The position of the star would be a station, which is above those of the Sun, the Moon, stars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and all other constellations; above the regions of the seven Rishis and the divinities who traverse the atmosphere.

Thus Dhruva had achieved an exalted position in the heaven. The Purana has also mentioned that he, who shall celebrate the translation of Dhruva into the abode of the celestials, shall be released from his sins, and be adored in heaven. He shall not lose his station, either in this world, or in heaven and shall live long, possessed of every blessing.

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