Can Dharma reduce Traffic Jams?

After seeing the title of this post, wondering who is this Dharma? Is he a new police commissioner or a new transport minister? No not at all. As the name suggests it is Dharma i.e, Sanathana Dharma that I am talking about.

Wondering again, in this era of Pizza and Burger, I am talking about Dharma and more over linking Dharma with Traffic Jams!!! ?

Please read the entire article and decide your self if Dharma can solve our Traffic Problems.

Our Dharma says “Athidhi Devobhava” which means Athidhi should be treated as God. The word Guest may not be an equivalent word to Athidhi. In western world, friends and relatives are treated as Guests. Friends and Relatives are not Athidhis. Athidhi is a person whom we don’t even know.

Well, we all know this but how this is linked to traffic?

Our culture says whom we don’t know also treat them as God. Not only that, several teachings also tells that we should see the God in every human being. One more saying also says that “Manav Sevahi Madhav Seva” meaning, serving the people is equal to serving the God it self.

If we follow all these sayings which our Dharma thought, then we will also respect others in Traffic.

When we respect others we should let others go at a cross/junction/U Turn. If not all, at least those who comes first.

When we respect others we should at least let the smaller vehicles / pedestrians go.

When we respect others pedestrians will wait for their signal before running accross the road.

When we respect others bikers will respect the cars while over taking.

When we respect other we respect those who are reversing / u turning and wait for them to complete instead of blocking the way for self as well as every one.

Majority of the traffic dead locks do happen because we don’t respect others.

We simply get in to the space even though we know we can’t cross. That causes a major blocks. The person who causes a block may not understand what happened to the traffic because he/she might have left after a few minutes. But in few minutes, we know what will happen to the traffic.

Another situation, where in a there is small dash between two vehicles and both of them stops on the road and quarrels each other. Again, we know that few minutes will cause a major blockage to the traffic.

We believe in “Vasudaiva Kutubmikam” which means entire universe is our family. If we are following that, then why we are behaving like this in Traffic?

Please DO NOT blame others instead let us follow this by our self first and start respecting others. May be we can start challenges on respecting others in traffic and forward this to 3 others and ask them to do the same.

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