Ancient Indians Waste Management Technique

Ancient Indian’s Waste Management Technique


The Waste Management Techniques used in Ancient India were successfull enough to recycle the household wastage.Even now, in some villages they do follow the similar techniques to decompose the waste. There were several such methods. Following are a few which are even existing in some places of Bharat.

Dig a small hole near by home, throw all the household wastage in to that hole daily. Cover the hole with mud/sand as and when the hole gets filled. This makes waste management easy for their daily needs. Also, after a few months, this land can be used in the farms as compost. Depending on the availability, these holes can be a bit away from the home instead of very near. So that the bad smell will not reach home. In those days, getting an empty palce was never a problem even in the cities.

Another and easy method they were following was, around every big tree’s trunks, they used to have big holes where in they throw the waste. After watering the tree, the waste gets mixed with the mud and slowly it will compost into high energy for the trees. That way, they never needed any chemical fertilisations. They can even take out this mud and use it for other small trees/plants after a few months.

Because of the availability of the land as well as the little waste from the houses that too bio degradable, there was never a problem with waste in the ancient India.

The real problem of Waste Management started with the entry of the Britishers under the name of modernisation and invention of the Plastic.

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