68. 3,000 Births

3,000 Births

Once upon a time the Boddistta Enlightenment Being- was born into an ordinary family. It just so happend that he had the same father in his next 500 rebirts. The father was then reborn as the uncle in the next 500 rebirths, and the grandfather in the next 500.

In the next 500 rebirths he had the sane mother, who was reborn as the aunt in the next 500, and finally the grandmother in the next 500.

Amazing as it may seem, after 3,000 rebirths, the man of 1,500 and the woman of 1,500 rebirths were reborn and became husband and wife. But the Boddhistta was reborn with a different mother and father! However. he wisely respected everyone, not just the mother and father of his present rebirth.

The moral is: One way or another, we’re all related.

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